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FusionHQ Software Stops You From Running With Scissors

If you are new to internet marketing then you are probably overwhelmed with all the work and complexity involved in getting things set up. So was I. I spent an amazing amount of time just trying to figure out how to perform the simplest of HTML coding tasks. It drove me crazy. I wanted to just give up.

But really, my biggest fear was and always has been a Fear Of Failure.

What if I found a software that actually took my hand and helped me up the stairs?

What if there really was a software like that out there?

FusionHQ software is like that. It takes the scissors out of your hands and stops you from running with them.

I was on a FusionHQ webinar on October 21st. We bought the FusionHQ software immediately after the seminar. I was learning it the next day and so excited that I no longer had to struggle with coding or HTML issues. I no longer had to ‘struggle’ with another single thing.

What is FusionHQ Software?

I am not a techie person so this software is my version of running without scissors. FusionHQ software allows the user to create and operate a marketing funnel system that gives you up sell and down sell strategy mapping, optin boxes, sales pages, SEO optimization, squeeze pages, thank you pages, affiliate programs, tracks your sales and lots more….

.. it does ALL of that plus, plus, plus,… without you having to go out and hire expensive programmers or even have a knowledge of coding or expensive graphic designers or even website designers or SEO experts.

Business startups are normally low on cash so getting into a business with high overhead costs really burnt a hole in our pocket fast-Not to mention leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

The right tools may not make you a millionaire, but the wrong ones can bury you. For internet marketers this can be key to your success or failure.

And if you’ve been in this business for even just a little while then you know that programmers, coders, website designers are expensive and that’s if they get your design and coding right the first time – Without working together. Usually you’ll spend two or a dozen tries with them getting it right. That’s “KACHING” in their pocket, not yours.

If you’re not sure what coding and HTML are, here is a simple HTML anchor text code:

Example: Take out the open and close paragraph marks, and put that line on one line.

First part of HTML code = (<)(a)(_)(href)(=)(")(http://)
Second Part of HTML code = (your link here)

Third part of HTML code = (“)(>)(text word or phrase)(<)(/a)(>)

If you get an extra space in that code or leave out a symbol you can spend hours looking for it. To stop videos from YouTube from showing the ads (example) you use this code: &rel=O this goes after the “1” after your URL.

Do you think that had me going for at least an hour or two? Yes, it did. But first I had to figure out if they meant zero or the letter “O” and if so was it a capital or not? These are just two simple examples from my own experiences.

After struggling with these issues for over a year I began to ask myself if all the stress was worth the heart attack.

And if you still don’t want to do what little work is left with FusionHQ software then you can easily hire it done as an outsource task. It’s REALLY THAT SIMPLE.

There was a time when split testing an optin box meant that I had to struggle with three different programs, maneuvering around pieces of coding that I may or may not spend hours in either a forum asking technical questions (then trying to decipher the answers I got) or with a support ticket waiting for answers simple enough that I could understand them. NOT ANYMORE.

I don’t have to know coding or programming or design or HTML or ANY of that STUFF anymore!

My walls were taped up with pieces of paper with coding explanations written all over them. I’m taking them all down and throwing them away. We are putting up shelves in their place.

What if the team we have in place wasn’t so overwhelmed that we could actually create products in a timely fashion with strategies that worked?

What if that became our only question?

Fusion HQ software made it our ONLY question.

What do I not like? I like absolutely everything about this software!