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Month: October 2018

Helping Newbies Understand Professional Software

The Windows registry is a huge database that ensures normal computer operation. Installing and uninstalling software can make your registry a mess, leading to decreased PC performance and causing computer crashes. Find out how you can fix this and other problems yourself.

Registry Mecic

Registry Medic uses a highly intelligent engine to scan your computer’s registry for invalid registry entries. With the click of a button, you are able to repair or remove registry entries that refer to a file or folder that has been moved or deleted. You can also scan and remove invalid software data and Start menu data from the registry. Furthermore, this easy-to-use utility can kill trojan viruses that use the registry to spread and do damage to your PC.

What Can Registry Medic Do For You? First, it finds invalid registry entries and repairs registry entries that refer to a file/folder that has moved. It also removes invalid registry entries and invalid software/Start Menu data in the registry. Registry Medic also allows you to kill trojans and viruses that use the registry to spread and do damage.

More Information: http://www.deprice.com/registrymedic.htm


What’s CCProxy exactly? It’s a web proxy software that enables you to browse web pages, download files, send and receive e-mail.

It’s also a web cache proxy, and web caching dramatically expedites the speed of surfing the net. The proxy user control provides powerful management functions including seven ways to control the Internet access on the LAN. These are IP address, IP range, MAC address, User Name/Password, IP User Name/Password, MAC User Name/Password and IP MAC.

Using CCProxy’s time schedule, you can freely control the users’ on-line time. It can allocate client surfing service respectively. This gives you an authority to open the different proxy services to the different users. Some of them may browse the web pages or send and receive e-mails and others may enjoy all the Internet surfing functions.

In addition to that, CCProxy can allocate proxy client bandwidth respectively. The bandwidth control can allocate the different bandwidth to the different users. Thus, it can control the speed of net surfing and occupation of the bandwidth resource of each user and avoid the traffic jam of net, which is caused by some users who try to download files. Plus, Web filter can ban the undesirable sites with unhealthy and irrelevant contents. This proxy software will help you keep the employees concentrate on their work or children stay away from the bad sites.

More Information: http://www.deprice.com/ccproxy.htm

DOC Regenerator

DOC Regenerator is a new recovery solution for lost, damaged, deleted, overwritten MS Word document files. It efficiently recovers lost word document files from an existing partition as well as lost documents from a corrupted, deleted partition, or a reformatted disk.

Document corruption always comes with the risk of data loss. Many other document recovery programs recover corrupted documents from a single file. The result of such recovery is a document with probable data losses. In contrast to other recovery software, DOC Regenerator regenerates …

LCD Television and the Color technology

The latest on the Televison ranges is the LCD TVs or Liquid Crystal Televisions. These are called as LCD TVs because here the Picture on the Screen is created by the tiny LCDs. These are far more advanced in displaying Pictures in the Televisoin Screen.

These LCD based Televisions deliver quite good angle of view, more than 170 degrees so that you get a fully undistorted view of the Picture automatically anwhwere from the Room. These LCD Televisions are desinged with adequate contrast ratio and this helps in viewing bright scenes or dark scenes in a dark room so that the scenes can be seen clearly without any difficulty.

The latest models of the LCD -TVs are equipped with a technology called Overdrive to eliminate the problems of the TV with respect to the Ghosting, and switching to a bright scene from a dark scene or vice versa. This technology takes advantage of the LCDs emit light of set intensity for more than 20milli Seconds in displaying pictures. This time added to the refresh time for the LCDs are usually enough for displaying the film based material in a better way than the conventional CRT based TVs.

To display Video material, that are shot at higher frame speeds these LCD TVs are provided with efficient technology that displays the moving object in "correct" places for as long as possible, and erase it from outdated places as quickly as possible on the panel. Due to the improvements in design the latest LCD TVs are able to overcome the Ghosting problem to a very great extent.
Another area of ​​improvement in a LCD TV is the displaying the colors and the resultant shades of the colors on the Screen. At present all the Colors in the RGB spectrum are displayed to give a live look to the Color images, still these color images lack the richness in their color. So manufacturers are trying to find the ways of adding more colors and shades of colors on the screen and also experimenting with extending color reproduction of LCD Televisions.

As color reproduction is the most distinct aspect of a Television, research is still on to display more colors by using fourth, or even fifth and sixth color in the optical Color filter array, or to use two sets of suitabe narrowband backlights with slightly different colors , in combination with broadband optical filters in the Panel, and alternating backlights for each consecutive frame.

So more and more techniques are being invented and applied in the latest LCD- TVs which are going to increase our viewing pleasure. …

How to Make Your Website Popular

If you want to promote your website and want to make it popular in search engines than Link Building is the right way to promote. Link Building can make your website popular in the search engines and make a path for the search engine spiders or crawlers. There are different ways for making the website popular in the search engines. Below are the best methods for promoting the website basically for off page optimization.

Reciprocal and One way link: By the reciprocal links and one way links your website is linked to many websites when a user goes to that website there is a possibility that he will come at your website. In other terms when a spider or a search engine crawler goes to a website where your link exists than the spider will also come at your website. Google and Yahoo prefer link building. The links can also boost your search engine rankings as well. The theme based link building is very important Link frames and free for all links can harm your website rankings.

Directory Submission: By the directory submission your website can get one way links easily. There are two types of web directories one is free and the other is paid. Some popular directories are like DMOZ, Google Directory, Yahoo Directory and Lycos and many more. These are very popular directories and spiders crawls these directories on a regular basis. So that your website also get crawls regularly by these web directories.

Press Releases: Another great way to make popular your website is to submit your press releases in the other websites and at your own website. By this your website is well known by the visitors. There are press releases directories where you can submit your press releases.

RSS and News Feeds: This is a best way to promote a website, by this your website kept fresh in the search engines and the RSS displays all the information about the website and for every page. Submit your website feeds in other websites and link with your website also. The RSS feeds also improve the interlinking of your website. …

How To Find Relevant Keywords For Your Website

If you desire to make your website appear in top pages of search listing, you need to find out keywords that are most relevant to your website. Apart from your own imagination, there are three ways to figure out your keywords.

Learn From Your Competitors

This is the easiest method that would find many of the most important keywords. Go to a search engine and perform a search for websites that would cater same niche as yours or perform a search for the term that you think people would use to visit your site.

Open the website listed on top and let the home page download. After that click on "View" in browser bar and click "Source" or "Page Source" or right click on the page itself and click 'Source'. This would reveal the entire HTML used to build the web page, including all the keywords. Some of those keywords will be relevant to your site. Make a list of these keywords. Now visit the other site and find out more.

In blogging and web 2.0 sites, keywords are called tags. Blogs would display tag list in sidebar or in blog posts.

Pay Per Click Tools

Various pay per click sites would let you see how popular a keyword is. You can find competition for a keyword in terms of bidding price and number of searches made in Google AdWords and Yahoo. Here is link to Yahoo tool which is quite famous among the marketers.


For Google AdWords too, you would require to open an account with Adwords.

Specialized Tools

A number of websites supply keyword services for a fee. The best of these is WordTracker.com. This is quite expensive but quite rewarding.

GoogleFight.com let you compare two keywords and tells you which is more popular.

As you make up your list of keywords, you should also take into account key phrases that people might users. For example instead of "Home-Business, the user is more likely to search for 'how to do home business.' Key phrases are often overlooked, so if you do it well you increase your chances of top placement.

It is always a good idea to use more than one method to power your keyword search. Whichever of these methods you use you should be able to come up in the end with a pretty comprehensive list of keywords that you can use on your website. …

How Choosing A Convenient Forex Broker

Due to the fact that forex trading is becoming more and more popular the number of forex brokers is growing rapidly. Choosing a convenient forex broker is not so easy for traders. It depends on different facts, some are common such as spreads, execution, platform and some are related to specific traders needs such as hedging, swap …

In this article you will find all the points that you have to take into consideration before choosing your forex broker.


The spread is the price difference between the buy and sell (ask and bid). Spreads differ between brokers but this does not mean those brokers that provide the lowest spread are convenient for you! Some broker change the value of the spreads depending on the market conditions and others do not. If the spread is not changeable, the forex broker lists it as an advantage and they stated that they have fixed spread. A broker who provides fixed spreads is good for you especially if you are using stop loss in your trading strategy because if the broker changes the spread according to the market conditions, your positions may close at their stop levels where they should not.


The execution time is very important and should not be delayed by the broker for any reason especially if you are an intraday trader where you have to enter the market as quickly as possible in order to seize the current available opportunity. Some brokers slow the execution of the orders, this issue would affect negatively on your trades because the rate of the currency pair would change during this period of time so you will be obliged to enter the market at a different rate than the rate you wanted. Almost all traders would prefer a real time execution. For this reason this is a cruel option that can not be compromised.

Trading Platform

Trading Platform or Forex Trading software is very important for the traders. In fact the platform is the software that you will be using to trade. If you are not comfortable with it how are you going to trade? First of all, the trading platform or trading software has to give you real time rates, second and it's the most important factor, trading platform has to enable you automatic execution of the orders. Some traders prefer to set trailing stop in their orders. This option is very important too and has to be present. If you are following a pure technical trading system, your platform has to enable you writing a small program that executes and manages orders when your criteria are met.


Forex is a 24 hour market, so your broker should offer 24 hour support. All good forex brokers have online support through chat and phone calls.

In Conclusion

Choosing a forex broker is not a tough mission but you have to take your time and check all the options provided by your broker before making up your mind.

For more free information …

Anonymous FTP Usage

Anonymous FTP:

“FTP” File Transfer Protocol is the most mainly used service for the transfer of files between computers that support TCP/IP connections. Using the FTP service you can transfer files between different platforms, computers with different OS’s(Operating Systems). FTP has a very simple and descriptive method of accessing systems, and then browsing through the directory structure, and transferring the files you need transferred.

Any visitors who are willing to download files from your web page or upload files to your web page can be allowed anonymous FTP access to your website by you and it would appear to them as if you are running your own FTP server. Anonymous access can be enabled or disabled within your web control panel. There are some Anonymous FTP warnings one should be aware of:


All the users would be granted the ability to access the “upload” and any other folder on your domain that has full read write permissions for the public. Anonymous users will have the power to upload files to your domain and to download files from your domain. Thus it is important for you to set proper permissions on the directories in your domain to protect them from unauthorized access. This is required to prevent the anonymous users from accessing any files or directories which store critical information about your domain. Access to particular files and directories can be inhibited on UNIX servers with the help of file manager where you can disable read or write access to files and directories which you don’t want other people to see.


If you are a website owner, you are responsible for any files that are uploaded by you, or any anonymous users. Using anonymous FTP access on your site, can easily make it a “warez” site. This is a site where people can share bootleg copies of software programs, movies, games, etc. If this happens, the companies that hold the copyright ownership for such programs or media files have the right to take legal action against you. It is your responsibility to protect your own website from this happening.

Data Transfer:

All the FTP transfers would be considered while calculating the total data transfer of your site. You will be responsible for the excess charges if your transfer limit exceeds the plan you have.

After enabling Anonymous FTP files can be accessed anonymously by using the following URL:


And visitors willing to visit your site using the FTP client can use the following:

FTP hostname: yourdomain.com

user id: anonymous

password: guest.…

ASP Net Development Vs Java Development

The debate whether .NET Development is better or Java Development is better continues unabated with fans of each technology pronouncing the decline of each other.
Java being the predecessor of all other programming languages ​​is open source and on top of that is platform independent. Being platform independent has made it the preferred choice of amateurs and professionals alike. Being open source, Java API's can easily be accessed by developers unlike .NET which is proprietary software and which API's are not accessible. Java, being open source, users do not have to grapple with hefty license fees each year, something which is mandatory in case of proprietary software.

Java being a very old technological platform is being taught in universities for a number of years. Therefore, there is an abundance of talent when it comes to developing applications in Java. There is however a significant shortage of developers who are acquainted with the .Net platform in the developed world. You would need to offshore your application development work to a low cost location like India where you would find a significantly higher number of developers acquainted with .NET technologies.

Some developers are of the opinion that ASP. NET is just an improved version of JAVA and has been developed by overcoming shortings of Java. Supporters of .NET technologies claim that java is a language while .Net is language independent. Opting for .Net does not bind you to a single language as .Net supports multiple languages. It even supports Java as J # is very close to Java.

Another major advantage of using .Net is the ease with which it allows the exchange of data between various software applications. This occurs because the dot net platform allows different programs to exchange data via a common set of exchange formats, to read and write the same file formats and to use the same protocols. Such features make ASP.NET the preferred programming language for developing database driven websites and applications. .Net proves to be useful when applications stored on remote systems have to communicate with each other through standard internet protocols like XML, SOAP.

In my opinion, you should always develop applications on such a platform which does not get obsolete in the next five or even ten years. In simple words, you should avoid the upgrade treadmill offered by proprietary software's who ask you to upgrade every few years. …

Build Your First Computer from Hardware Scratches

Wow- if you do it first time and have some asset of time in your disposition – then go ahead and purchase motherboard, your favorite processor, memory, video card (probably it is better to purchase it external for advanced quality). You will also need computer case – first computer should probably go to the cheap one – with USB 2 ports from the front side – the only question – you might want to replace noisy cheap power supply with $ 50 dollars one. Processor fan – nowdays you will see the variety for all the tastes – get the one with adjustable spinning speed to regulate noise (if you could not place it into the basement of your house – I guess you live in apartment or student dormitory). Let's go to details:

o Ahead of Generation. It is not a secret that when you build your own computer – you might overpay – in considering to what is available in the stores .. However you typically get ahead of technology. For example – it is still common when Dell / Compaq / IBM computers use PC2700 standard of memory. If you bought PC3200 – you have two years of being ahead of the competition

o Processor. If you build your computer from scratches – you should look into 64-bits processor from the beginning. Get AMD Athlon 64 3400+ at least

o Video Card. For $ 100 you can get maximum of memory and performance. This is why we recommend to get external videocard

o DVD Writer. RW +/- unfortunately Japanese manufacturers are in the process of decision making on winning standards plus DVD of high density. Get both supported.

o Hard Drive. Decent motherboards support IDE raid and you could experiment with striping (raid 0). Then if you purchase two IDE disks 400 GB each – you will get 800 GB – unbelievable for supercomputers – but you are on your own and cosmopolitan individual – step forward and be ahead of competition.

o Troubleshooting. Understood and respected. First listen your mother board beeps and refer to its documentation. It may not see memory, graphical card, etc. When you are installing memory – be very careful to static electricity issue. When you are attaching your mother board to computer case – the most typical issue is motherboard shorting – so do not be surprised to try your motherboard first outside the case …

How to Fix Slow Download Speed on Windows XP

If you use Windows XP and have very slow download speeds, there’s actually one problem which is likely causing this to happen. Not many people know this, but there’s a part of XP which actually causes the download speeds of your computer to run slower and slower.

The problem with XP & download speeds is all to do with the settings of your computer. The settings of Windows determine how fast a download can commence because back when XP was launched, Internet connections where not very fast. Microsoft has introduced a set of settings which limit the speed of XP downloads.

Because XP was launched in 2002, when the Internet was only really just starting to become popular, Microsoft decided to include a series of limiting settings on the download speeds of XP machines. Downloads are basically where your computer takes a file off another PC through the Internet, which means that if you had computers trying to get files way too quickly, it would ruin the whole system and likely damage your computer.

Microsoft introduced several key settings to throttle the speed of downloads on XP. These settings are located inside the ‘registry’ database which is where all the settings for your computer are kept. To fix the problem of slow download speeds, you need to fix all the settings that are causing problems for it. And to do that, you need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner.’

Registry cleaners are software tools which are designed to scan through the registry database and remove any settings that are causing trouble to your computer or are outdated. If you use a tool such as “RegCure”, it will look at all the Internet settings on your computer and see that a variety of them are no longer needed, removing them and speeding up your downloads as a result.…

Internet Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing – Can I Abandon Traditional Marketing?

This is a common question raised by novices in Internet marketing. Actually, it reflects a misunderstanding of the whole concept of Internet marketing. Because of its reliably novel stage, there is a mystique attached to the concept by newcomers and so the question: If I go for Internet marketing, should I abandon traditional marketing (as if one should now exclude the other)?

My simple answer is – why would you? Internet marketing and traditional marketing should complement each other. The Internet simply allows you to extend your reach beyond the current confines of your traditional marketing system such that areas in the world that were previously beyond your reach can now be accessed through the Internet.

To better appreciate that, it would be helpful to know what Internet marketing actually is. In a nutshell, it means putting up a website where you can display the product or service you are selling, and then encouraging people to drop by your site so that you can have buyers or customers. Everything else you will encounter in Internet marketing, including what may initially appear to you as highfalutin terms – like search engine optimization, search engine submission, reciprocal linking, keyword research – are nothing more than part of Internet marketing strategies to bring people to your website so that you will have the chance of making a sale. Without people finding out your website, you will never succeed in Internet marketing.

To better visualize this, consider the example of putting up a store in the physical world. Your store is located in a vast empty prairie. How are you ever make any sale if there are no people around? No matter how good your products or services are, if you have no passers by, if people can not locate you, you're finished. You have a choice of absolutely shutting down the store – or start an aggressive marketing campaign so that people will get to know about the existence of your store. And if you are successful in enticing them, people may start flocking to you to patronize your merchandise. Your strategies may occasionally include distributing leaflets announcing your store, putting up giant air balloons where from a distance, people will spot you, advertising on mass media, an so on.

The same thing happens to a business website – your virtual store in the Internet. Much like that solitary store in the prairie, all business websites initially exist in a much much vaster cyberspace prairie where no one will find you unless you now adopt and implement the well known Internet marketing strategies. But here's the exciting part – the analogy between the physical store and the business website (your Internet store) ends when it comes to their probable reach for potential customers. In that example of a physical store, how far can you reach out physically to attract customers? Realistically, even with a massive advertising campaign, you will most likely attract only people who are living within your immediate locality. Maybe a …