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Month: August 2017

DNN 9 Offers a More Modern Platform to the Developers With Enhanced Features

Marketing your business is largely driven by digital marketing techniques now-a-days and with more than 65{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} people using online search engines to avail services or find products, it is vital for website owners to choose the best CMS that can be used to implement cost effective marketing strategies. A good CMS always allows the business owners the freedom to control their website actively and at the same time offer various options for creating great content.

DNN or DotNetNuke is a popular CMS that offers efficient code base and ensures that the site runs effectively and provides a great user experience. DNN Corp has recently released the latest DNN platform version 9.0 and it has come up with many new features. Critics are of the opinion that though the new updates needs some polishing, but overall the updates are very nice.

In this article, let’s check some of the important areas in DNN 9.0

Changes in the control panel:

First and foremost thing is that the administration experience has become a lot more contemporary. The new personal bar that replaced the control bar is of course doing a great job. You can see two new bars on the left side and at the bottom that comprise of the new persona bar, which allows editing various aspects of the site without waiting for the page to reload. This is a time saver especially when you have multiple things to handle.

Mutli tasking:

You may be working on multiple tasks in the configuration like receiving urgent phone calls asking for a quick SQL query report, you switch for the SQL view and run the query and then there is a request from the IM department about an URL that is needed for a campaign. You navigate to the page and send the URL. You can now get back to your work again. Simply navigate back to the configuration manager and all the updates will be there. All you need is to save them.


The admin and host modules that we have been using over the past few years are removed with streamlined counterparts. These additions are carefully grouped together as there were various settings there were hidden across configuration views and collapsed sections. You had to use DNN for years before becoming an expert. But now the global and site specific setting are put side by side and are easily distinguishable. In cases when you are not logged with enough permission, then the global settings are neatly removed and you don’t even know that they existed.

The future of DNN is bright:

There are two most popular complaints about DNN’s early version and they are its speed and the administration looks. With the latest version of DNN 9.0 development, the administration issue is clearly fixed and the speed is also addressed to a great extent. These series of updates are great foundations that will impact the future of DNN. The latest release, architecturally speaking is considered to be the first step toward …

Why You Should Avoid Reverse Osmosis Systems and What Alternatives You Should Consider

It would be nice if we had an abundant, never-ending supply of clean drinking water. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, especially with a growing world population.

Increasingly, enhanced water filtration methods are being utilized to filter water for the masses of people. Reverse osmosis is one of these technologies, yet its effectiveness is questionable. Used in water filtration plants, reverse osmosis systems have made their way to the consumer market over the past twenty years.

The way it works is the opposite to the process of osmosis that we all learned about in high school. In osmosis, fluid that is less concentrated is naturally drawn through a semipermeable membrane, to fluid that is more concentrated. This process continues until both sides have equal concentrations. In reverse osmosis, high pressure is used to force water through the extremely small pores in the water filter to obtain clean drinking water. Home filtration systems often consume 4 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of reverse-osmosis filtered drinking water.

As you can see, reverse osmosis systems consume a high quantity of water. They also consume time. It can take up to 3 hours to obtain one gallon of filtered water. Furthermore, it filters out many of the essential nutrients needed by the human body when consuming water, producing de-mineralized water with acidic pH. Reverse osmosis is often still used nowadays in municipal water filtration plants; however, the effectiveness of home usage of reverse osmosis systems is still questionable.

While any water filtration is better than none, reverse osmosis was invented in the 1970’s purely for industrial use, not to produce high quality drinking water. An adapter can be adapted to desalinize the water. Otherwise, the technology does not deliver on what it promises for residential use.

Multi-filtration systems are the most effective when it comes to water filtration. These systems have two layers–one for filtering out harmful chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides, and the other for restoring the pH balance back to water, making the water more natural tasting. These systems also allow for a proper balance of minerals in water by using an ion exchange system. These systems use carbon filters to remove harmful substances like chlorine.

It’s interesting to note that these carbon filtration systems are found in nearly every single fish tank, since chlorine found in normal tap water is toxic to fish. Of course, the quantity of chlorine is normal tap water is too small to be toxic for humans. But it can cause minor problems, such as the skin dryness (think of being in a swimming pool for a long time), aging, and small ailments that could lead to bigger things overtime.

Therefore, with a reverse osmosis system, you have an expensive, inefficient system that is difficult to maintain, and removes valuable nutrients important to the human body while allowing harmful chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides to pass through. Reverse osmosis systems tend to block molecules heavier (i.e. with a larger molecular structure) than water, while …

Making A Mark On Your Customers

Running a business online is similar to running a real store. The key is to get customers to buy what you are selling. However there are many differences in the strategies that you can use with an online store and the ones that you would ordinarily use in a regular store on the street. Here we look at how your website and CRM can affect your chances of success.

The Competition is Fierce

The number of sites trying to sell products and services on the internet are beyond computation. In each niche you have hundreds if not thousands of people competing with you. Selling exactly what you are selling and maybe at a lower price as well. So in the face of such fierce competition how do you make your mark on the internet? You need to find that unique point that is special to just your organization and then market it ruthlessly to your customers and potential clients. One thing that can help is the way you go about designing your website and your customer relationship management.

Out of Sight is Out of Mind

The kind of marketing you undertake also affects the business. There are a number of websites offering the same product as you but what is the true competition that you face? If you are a localized service such as a real estate agent in a particular state or city, you need not bother about websites of real estate agents in other states. Your web promotion strategies will include getting the word out about your products and services in local groups online and offline. Of course while putting advertisements in the newspaper and the local cable channels is a good idea, you should ideally tap the potential of the online marketing gimmicks.

Discounts and Perks can push up Sales

Most webstore designers will ask you to ensure one section of the website deals with the discounts and other perks that you offer your online customers. If you make offers for buying online which gives the customers a better deal than going into a store and picking up the same things you will naturally push up the sales of your own products and services. If you do make a sale to a customer make sure that you follow up with ongoing emails to offer the latest discounts that the site is giving away. Some of them will come back and buy from you if they were happy with the first experience and your web contact management.

Be Easily Accessible to your Online Clientele

Just how easy is it to contact the website owner from your portal. Make sure that you give out the relevant contact details on the website. That’s just half the story now you must be available to respond to the questions and queries that come in from the source. Keeping your customers in constant communication with the company can have a number of benefits. These will include spot sales, impulse buys and word of …

How to Turn Her on Online? Ways to Make Her in the Mood Through Internet

When you get a little close and personal with someone online (but not meeting up yet of course), it’s normal to get a little flirty and naughty. Of course, it’s absolutely alright but you have to know how to do it right — or else you’ll get totally left on mid-air. Getting to know someone online is cool — flirting is inevitable. But knowing how to turn her on is something that poses as the real challenge. How can you absolutely make a girl on the mood via the internet? Well, get your talent on vocabulary on gear and get some action started now!

  • Use naughty words. Forget being too formal — it’s time to get some real action done. It pays if you have a way with words — this calls for you to get a little specific and descriptive so you’d be able to tease her imagination more. Women love to be mentally stimulated so keep her interested by being a little naughty.
  • Exchange a few pictures. Maybe you’ve already done it but try to send over some of your pictures in your best angle — something provocative (but not gay of course) to feed and intrigue your curiosity even more. Ask her to send over her pictures as well — believe me, she’ll be more than happy to oblige.  
  • Call her up. When you feel like you’re almost there (almost turned on) and you think she is too, call her up. It might lead to something more than an innocent phone call but try this trick — call her up but keep on telling her naughty things online — that should definitely get her totally turned on.
  • Make use of your webcam. Try it but hold on to your potatoes — don’t take off your clothes just yet. That could be a little extreme (unless she agree of course) but just get visually connected through the webcam. It’s much more exciting and personal.
  • Get creative with flirty. Keep on talking and stay connected, Women are prone to being too emotionally connected on something or someone whether it’s in real or the internet. So if she says interest, she is interested. Keep flirting and make it a point to read between the lines as well. She may be turned on way before you even realize it.

Do you want to become a master when it comes to reading the signs of flirting? Do you want to learn the step by step techniques on how to impress women? Can you handle the excitement and thrill of my free seduction advice? Unravel more techniques on how to be an expert when it comes to dating and flirting with women by visiting my website this very second! You’re just one click away from it all.…

How to Find His Mobile Porn

Our society makes it way too easy for a man to look at porn. The Internet is the biggest threat, and the easiest way to access porn. It used to be that if someone wanted to look at porn on the Internet, he needed a computer. Not anymore! You can get all the porn you want on your iPhone, or dozens of other mobile devices. It can be overwhelming to a woman who wants to know if her loved one is viewing the garbage.

But now equipment is available to know if he is looking at porn on even his mobile devices. Let’s look at a couple of pieces of spy stuff that can help you in your hunt to verify faithfulness.

First off, there is the iPhone Spy. This piece of pro spy stuff is a recovery device that is made for the Apple iPhone. You can recover phone call history, contacts, and pictures, and see the texts, maps, and so much more that he has viewed. It takes 20 minutes to scan his phone to see what he has been up to.

If he uses another smart phone to view his porn, then the Cell Phone Recon is for you. It can view all his pictures, websites, texts, and calls, and you never have to plug it into his phone. Just get the phone model number and serial number, and plug the software into your computer. It will even track where his cell phone is currently! Incredible piece of spy stuff! Spy supply does not get any more advanced than the Cell Phone Recon’s technology.

And then there is the Porn Detection Stick. Just plug this flash drive into a computer and it will show you all the porn that has been viewed on the computer. You can even find deleted porn. And if that’s not enough, you can download it onto the Porn Detection Stick.

So don’t feel like you can’t know if he is lying to you about porn. You now have the tools to check him out.

A good spy supply shop will have every tool you can imagine. I do caution you about buying spy equipment from overseas, or from an auction site. You have little or no recourse if you want to return it. If you buy from a USA vendor, you can rest assured you are buying top-notch spy stuff, and you can pick up the phone and get live help if you have any questions. And if you have problems you will know that you will have warranties that will be honored by reputable companies. I have a friend who bought a spy camera flashlight from China. I told him I could get him one. But he wanted to save money. Twelve weeks later he got it. It lasted two days and broke. He just threw it away because he knew that returning it would be nearly impossible.

So ladies, that’s your technology lesson for today. Please check out my link …

The Strategic Use of Information Technology

TEACHER: Hello, Student. What do you know about Information Technology (IT)?

STUDENT: Well, I know that most software is full of “bugs”! By the way, why are these errors in programs called “bugs”?

TEACHER: Computer “bugs” have been around since malfunctions in a 1945 Mark II were blamed (facetiously) on a moth trapped in a relay. Nowadays the term refers to programming flaws -commands that don’t accomplish the desired result. But I am sure you must know more about IT than the fact that programs have bugs!

STUDENT: Recently I read an interesting article written by John Diebold years ago. Allow me to quote from it:

“Information technology . . . is becoming increasingly the key to national economic well being, affecting virtually every industry and service. One would be hard-pressed to name a business that does not depend on the effective use of information: to design products and services, to track and respond to market demands, or to make well-informed decisions. Information technology will change the world more permanently and more profoundly than any technology so far seen in the history and will bring about a transformation of civilization to match.”

TEACHER: Interesting. There is no doubt that information technology is currently a major force with the potential to affect a range of organizations in fundamental ways.

The impact of information technology on business operations has been enormous and will increase substantially.

There is no doubt that a shift from an industrial economy to an information oriented service economy is under way; and no one knows when the process will slow down.

In essence, scale and the conventional dimensions of time, space, and mass will no longer be constraints on the products of the information age. Unlike the standardized product created for the mass market of the industrial age, the electronic delivery of banking services, for example, is scale-independent and intangible, provides instantaneous service, and is not bound by the physical location of the bank.

STUDENT: AmbaiU’s online courses are a good example! Students from all over the world can instantly access the courseware. The dramatic growth of the Internet’s WWW service has naturally been an important factor in the growth of IT in general.

TEACHER: True indeed. Environmental trends like globalization and heightened international competition are speeding the movement toward increased IT use by corporations. The exigencies of worldwide coordination of operations and the need to react rapidly to global competitive threats have emphasized the importance of IT in the current business context. Dramatic technological developments in hardware, software, databases, and telecommunications have simultaneously pushed the utilization of IT further along.

STUDENT: So, is the sky the limit for IT?

TEACHER: Not exactly. At the same time, several factors are militating against the rapid deployment of IT. Among these are the still-slow development of appropriate software, long-standing difficulties in quantifying IT benefits (for justifying IT investment), issues of database integration, and the lack of standards (for the purposes of inter-organizational connectivity).

STUDENT: I also think that there was …

Selling – Desire for Gain – Fear of Loss

There are primarily two fundamental factors controlling your prospect’s buying decision: desire for gain and fear of loss.

When people want to make a buying decision, they need to decide that they will be better off as a result of buying or using your product or service, than being worse off. And it is up to you to help them make that decision through your presentation.

Selling, desire for gain, and fear of loss are three concepts that are interrelated, and the nature of the relationship between them in every specific case determines whether you are going to make the sale or not.

Desire for gain simply represents the things that we expect to gain as a result of making the buying decision. We all want to be admired, liked, respected, successful, and healthy. We all want prestige, recognition, social status, power, influence, and popularity. We all want comfort security, companionship, knowledge, security, and self-actualization. We all want to feel that we are growing toward our full potential. The more of these we can obtain as a result of buying some product or service, the more likely we will be to make the buying decision.

Fear of loss simply represents the things that we expect to gain as few as possible as a result of buying some product or service. You can think of those simply as the opposite of the examples given above. For example when we buy something, we want everyone admiring us for what we bought, and we never want anybody telling us that we made a bad decision. We never want to part with our money to gain something that will give us none or only a few of the things that we like.

The relationship between the fear of loss and desire for gain in the case of every specific transaction, and every specific person determines whether or not the person is going to make the buying decision.

When you do a sales presentation, if the person says that, “Let me talk it over to someone.” or, “I’m not sure.”, what they are saying is that, “You have not aroused my desire to own or enjoy the benefits of your product to the point that you have overcome my fear of loss, or making a mistake.” or “You have not given me enough value reasons to cause me to make the buying decision. My fear of loss is still greater than my desire for gain, and it is up to you to put more on that scale to add more to my desire for gain, and to take away from my fear of loss.”

So if you want to make the sale, you should always talk to your prospect in terms of what they want, not in terms of your product. You should analyze the person, and understand what is important to them, and then point out to the characteristics of your product that interest them in particular. Or if you have a good knowledge …

All You Need To Know About Trade Show Internet WiFi for Events

Having started offering our services in 2008, Trade Show Internet has served many companies and individuals in the United States of America. We offer event WiFi internet and this means that you can also trust us to provide you high-quality short-term wifi internet connectivity during your events. Now, there are a number of things that you may need to know before you hire our event WiFi equipment. The first thing you should be aware of is that we offer different types of internet connectivity for events. Basically, the number of attendees at your event will have is the biggest determining factor on what kind of connection we can offer you.

If you have up to 100 event attendees, you can comfortably work with our WiFi hotspots offered through plug and play equipment.  You can learn more about this event wifi @ TradeShowInternet.Com. You will get to know about the charges and how to go about setting up the connection on your own.

For the people or companies that are planning to host a larger event, they will still benefit from our other internet offers. We can design a high-density WiFi solution that is custom built for your needs. The fact that you going to host more event-attendees means that you will require high-quality internet service that can cater for more people. If you require wifi captive portal splash page or any other service that offers your attendees the best download and uplink speeds, you should contact Trade Show Internet for a free quote.


How to Fix an Error Accessing the System Registry Easily

The system registry is an important component to practically every computer, and it would actually be considered a pile of electronics if the system registry was not included. It is essential for computers based on Windows, since it is the storage location for the hardware, software, and pretty much everything that makes the computer run.

Changes and updates go directly through the system registry for storage, but sometimes things do not always go as smoothly as we wish. Not many know what to do about an error accessing the system registry, but it must be fixed in order to keep your computer running.

An error accessing the system registry is not very uncommon, and it usually occurs when old files or updates are still located within the registry. The error can occur when new updates are downloaded, new programs installed, or even when new software is being added to your computer. A window will usually pop up stating “error accessing the system registry” and not much can be done until the error is fixed.

It can result from old updates being left in the system, or even old files that were not deleted when a download or installation was incomplete. The best way to get rid of the error accessing the system registry is to find out the problem, get rid of old files, and start fresh with new updates and software to keep your computer running smooth.

Because the error accessing the system registry can occur for a number of different reasons, it can sometimes be hard to locate the specific problem. The first step is to determine what exactly triggered the error, such as a new download, new software being installed, or updates occurring to current software on the computer.

The error is most common when updates occur or when updated software is installed, since most likely older versions are still being kept within the registry. In this case, the error accessing the system registry can be easily correct. First off, the installation or update needs to be stopped. Then the system registry can be accessed by the computer owner, and software can be purchased or downloaded to fix this problem.

One of the best options for getting rid of an error accessing the system registry is a registry fix program, since it goes in and does all of the work for you. Rather than trying to find the damaged files and delete them yourself, the program knows exactly what to look for and get rid of for the error to go away.

Not only will a registry fix help to get rid of the problem occurring now, it can even help to get rid of any files and old updates that may cause problems in the future. It is beneficial for clearing your computer of any unnecessary files or programs that may be causing it to run slow, and can even prevent an error accessing the system registry in the future.

A registry fix program can either …

Nonprofit Websites – Your Connection for Assistance

With the economy struggling for the last number of years, one thing is certain; Traffic going to nonprofit websites is up across the board. If the economic laws of supply and demand were worth their salt one would clearly have seen a huge amount of "supply" provided to meet the ever increasing demand for services, but alas, since there's "no money" in it, supply has actually languished In the face of ever increasing demand. Not because people no longer care, but because demand has simply far outstripped supply.

Charitable contributions are down

Recent publications by organizations are indicating that while demand for charitable services are at or near record historical levels, charitable contributions in general are down approximately 10-11{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189}. Less money coming in to support nonprofit charities at the same time that the need for them is going through the roof. This is at best a difficult social dilemma. At its worst, it is a social nightmare. Many nonprofit websites are feeling the pressure of more and more visitors clamoring for assistance at a time when they are having to cut services to the bone. Hardly the time to think about doing an upgrade on your website, right? Wrong! Now is exactly the time to consider a refresh or an upgrade.

Your website is often the first line of contact

It is often said that, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention!" And today is no different than the day that this phrase was coined. With nonprofit websites regularly being the first line of contact for assistance in today's internet connected world, what better way is there for a charity to be able to provide much needed assistance to their clients than by making sure that their website is easy to navigate, helpful , And populated with current and accurate service information? Already disturb, those in need do not need to be further frustrated with outdated resources that no longer exist or contact numbers that no longer lead to a person that can assist.

Every donor dollar is critical

Switching from looking at the impact that outdated nonprofit websites can have on the client in need to look at the negative impact that a poorly constructed website can have obtaining contributions from donors, one is definitely going to want to make sure that an individual's ability to Make a contribution is as easy as possible. Nonprofit websites should have as part of their primary landing page an obvious and fast link to their donor collection page. When at the donor collection page, the prospective donor should be offered a wide variety of options for making their contribution including, but not limited to, the following:

• All major forms of credit and debit cards

• The ability to transfer funds from cash management accounts such as PayPal

• A clear mailing address and instructions on how to make a contribution by check

During these critical economic times, a nonprofit can not allow a major lifeline like their website to become antiquated and …