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Month: April 2017

How To Make Money Online Working From Home

Work from home jobs can become legitimate ways to make money online. Finding the right business opportunity that fits you is going to be your most difficult task. This is because there are so many work from home scams that make such outlandish claims such as, “push the button” and money will fill your bank account. You have to avoid these scams because the Internet is filled with these false “how to make money online” claims.

This is what you have to keep in mind. To have a legitimate work from home job you must stay focused on the task of building your business from a proven Blueprint.

This is the keys you want to look for:

*Does this internet business have Support to assist me if I have problems understanding how to set my business up…

*Is the Blueprint newbie friendly?

*Has this business model been around for a legitimate length of time?

*Does it have a forum to discuss how well the other members are fairing with their own business?

These are some really great points you need to keep in mind because as a newbie you are going to run into a lot of technical issues you have never seen before.

Learning how to make money online is not easy. It takes time and a lot of commitment. You have to stay focused and concentrating on your goals at hand. What ends most people from succeeding online is over coming the shiny objects that show up in their inbox everyday.

They want to try every make money online work from home biz opp that they see. You will never have any success online if you get lost in that video mode. All you will accomplish is information overload. This is devastating to anyone who is trying to build a legitimate work from home internet business. You will never make money online if you can’t remain focused and determined to make your internet business a success.

Working from home is the best job you will ever have because it frees you up so you can have quality time with your family and friends. You must always understand that your business is your responsibility to maintain and keep up. You take care of it and it will continue to make money online for years to come.

Your internet business will allow you to increase your income by allowing you to build multiple streams of online opportunities. You can begin to build your list to thousands of subscribers. Then you can set up your autoresponder so it can send out pre written emails on autopilot while you and your family is vacationing in another country.

This is the opportunity that a legitimate work from home business is able to provide for you. Make money online while you are enjoying life with your family. An internet business is by far the very best way to make money online while working from home……

DxD9 DLL Error Repair – How To Fix DirectX Errors Caused By DxD9 DLL

DirectX is a set of Windows interfaces from Microsoft used in programming graphics and sound. It contains a vital component called D3d9.dll file used in loading the functions of DirectX to all multimedia programs and games that needs DirectX upon being loaded onto your computer.

What Causes D3Dx9.dll Errors?

Unfortunately, there are times when problems occur whenever Windows attempt to run the games and multimedia applications. Windows cannot properly read the d3d9.dll file due to errors encountered, hence, won’t be able to load and run the multimedia programs. Several reasons may cause this including having a corrupted d3d9.dll file, registry issues, or it may be that your version of DirectX is outdated. Typical examples of error messages that would appear on your screen are:

  • “Fatal Exception error in dplayx.dll”
  • “Access violation error in DirectX file D3D8.DLL”
  • “Cannot initialize dinput9.dll”
  • “dplay.dll has performed an illegal operation”

How To Fix D3D9.dll Errors

With the error having the potential to be caused by numerous reasons, it is important that you identify the specific cause to address it accordingly. The first thing you can do is to get the the latest version of DirectX on your system. Most of the new multimedia programs and games are not compatible with the old versions, therefore these programswill not run if you have an outdated version like the DirectX 8 on your system. You have to download DirectX 9 from the internet and install it on your computer to prevent DirectX errors from showing up. Once you’ve installed it, you have to check the version of the DirectX program and make sure you’ve installed the latest one. You can do this by pressing “Start” and then clicking “Run.” A box will appear and you have to type “dxdiag” and then select “Enter.” A DirectX “Diagnostic Tool” window will be displayed and from the bottom part of the window, you can verify the version of the DirectX you just installed. If you don’t have the latest version, you can browse the Microsoft website and download the most updated one from that site.

If after doing all the above mentioned steps and the error is still displayed, then you should clean the registry of your system. The “registry” is a huge database that stores vital files, information, settings and options. Windows reads the files it needs for it to run or load up a program through this database. The registry often gets corrupted, infected, or clogged up causing a lot of problems and errors like the DirectX error. To resolve this, you must download and run a registry cleaner that would scan and fix the errors on your computer.…

Why Having a Glass Top Computer Desk Can Be a Great Idea

There are some people that will advise you to never have a glass top computer desk. They have seen the horror photos of when a glass desk collapses with the computer still on it, and I will agree those are some terrible looking pictures. Nobody wants one of their great looking desks to collapse and ruin basically everything. But those horror pictures are the exception to the rule; they are certainly not what normally occurs.

The most important thing you need to do when purchasing a glass top computer desk is spend a little extra money. If you buy the poorly designed and cheap ones, the metal frame and glass can separate and cause a major problem. That glass is also susceptible to chipping or cracking, and damaged glass is very weak glass. Proper maintenance on a well built glass desk can eliminate all of those problems, and if it is a more expensive model that is well built, you should not have any of those problems to begin with. So in short, spend a little extra money on a high quality product.

Now the biggest reason it can be a great idea to purchase this type of desk is because of the look it creates. If you really want that awesome looking, modern style desk, why would you not choose a glass top desk? This type of desk gives a very modern vibe, and the metal frame can often come in different colors making it easy to decorate with. If you want to impress people with a cool looking desk, this is one great way to do that.

Plus, in all honesty these desks are dependable, as long as you are smart and buy a quality product. Like anything else, if you buy low quality products you are going to get bad returns in the end. Like I stated above, if you take care of the glass, if you check for cracks and dings, and if you do not smash it with heavy objects on purpose, you should have no problems with the quality of your desk. Plus with the way they make them today, you are going to have plenty of room for your desktop computer, and still have plenty of work space available. These desks are very nice, and will make a great addition to your home.…

Affiliate Internet Marketing Is It Right For You?

Affiliate Internet Marketing is one of the easiest ways for someone new to Internet marketing to make money online. This simple marketing technique works by selling other people’s products and earning a commission from that sale. The basics of Affiliate Internet Marketing consists of finding and selling a product on your website (but can be done without one), picking the right keywords, and driving traffic to your affiliate link.

Now the advantages of marketing as an affiliate means that you do not need to store inventory, ship items or take payments. You get to be your own boss, while working in the fast paced Internet marketing world, and note that many people are successfully making a six-figure income online.

But Affiliate Internet Marketing requires more than just “building it and they will come” philosophy. Success does not happen overnight, as many would have you believe, because there is a learning curve. So how can affiliate marketing concepts be learned? By finding a good mentor, purchasing a few good e-books on Affiliate Internet Marketing or by joining a good web forum like The Warrior Forum.

Some of the terms that you will read or hear about are: web design, mini sites, keyword research, keyword density, web traffic; which can come from organic (or called free), or by pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and the big one “it’s all in the list” as well as a few other terms.

To have a successful site you need to find a good balance of the above or you may find yourself in the 90{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} that fail at Affiliate Internet Marketing.

Now, no matter how well your site is designed, how good your keywords are, or how well it is optimized for search engines. Without anyone to see it, you might as well be walking down a dead end alley trying to sell your affiliate product. And how you ask do I get traffic? The fastest way is by pay per click through Google, MSN or Yahoo, but this can be expensive if not done right. Next is by building one way links back to your site, and a third is article writing or listing your site on website directories. These are just a few of the ways to get started.

Affiliate Internet Marketing works best if you are able to continue learning and remain open to new things. A good example of this is to move towards web 2.0 and learn how to use it to drive traffic to your affiliate link.…

Software As A Service Is The Backbone Of Online Collaboration

You walk into the office to a surprise. The year is 1986. The night before a fax came in from Korea on your new single page fax machine that cost $ 1200. Problem is that now it is an hour too late to contact your manufacturer and tell them that the corrections they made are off and well you are going to have to lose another couple days to the design issues.

It is 1998 and you get back from lunch. You sit down at your desk, lift the phone receiver and check your 14 messages, one by one. When done you get up and check your inbox. Not the one on the large desktop on your desk, but the one stuffed with mail and papers on the wall by your door.

This is what we take for granted today. That as recently as 12 and 25 years ago the time saving conveniences of mobile and web technologies were not only absent, but business kept on trucking along in a trillion dollar global economy.

Today, with our pocket-sized access to the entire universe (have you seen Sky ?, I am not exaggerating here), we no longer have to wait for answers, information, solutions or just plain conversation. We can find anyone just about where they are. In fact these days, the hip thing to do is to unplug rather than be part of the collective that is plugged in.

Hip is not going to make you more effective as a leader. Online services in the cloud will. If you think your small business can run just find with a single computer, a bookkeeper, a website, an email address and Microsoft Office, think again. See the company to the left and right of you are moving their billing online, they have a virtual assistant managing their web properties, a project collaboration tool and the customer relationship management system. They have you connected to the world through a social network and are constantly making sure you are part of the conversation. The cost of this is assistant is the same as the one you had in your old office, but now you work from home and he / she lives 1000+ miles away. And the 15-20 different programs this person uses in the cloud to run your business cost you about 250 bucks a month. That is less than half the cost of the space you save by not having that bigger office if you still leave the house to work at all.

I am talking to you micro business owner. The wedding planner, the plumber, the architect and florist. We have to increase our agility and take advantage of what technology is providing or, well frankly, someone else will. …

What is Resumix and How Do I Use It?

Agencies such as the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and the Department of Commerce now rely on a resume system known as Resumix to aid in the hiring process. The implementation of this system was done to help ease the recruitment process on both the recruit and the recruiter side. A Resumix resume is much different than that of a traditional resume in regards to the layout as the resume will later be scanned instead of reviewed by a person and the scanning software will only be looking for certain keywords and phrases.

Resumix resumes are submitted online and kept in a database regardless of whether or not they contain the proper information. However, if you do submit a Resumix resume that is not properly formatted it will never see the light of day or be reviewed.

To take advantage of the Resumix program you need to use an online resume builder to submit your information and thus create a Resumix resume. This process actually eliminates the need for KSAs to be submitted in some, but not all, circumstances. The nice thing about having your Resumix resume stored is that you can apply for multiple positions using the same resume by utilizing a self-nomination process.

Resumix will automatically match the skills you have listed with the skills that are required form a certain posting so it is of utmost importance that your Resumix contains all the relevant information and keywords. For this reason it is best to spell out certain skills and don’t get too simple or complex with any verbiage.

Now here’s the trick; you have to write your Resumix resume so that it will first catch the attention of the computer scanning software, but it must also be written so that a person can understand it. This is because the Resumix system only eliminates human interaction at the first level and once a resume is flagged for review, it is an actual person who will be conducting the review before an interview is granted. This can be easier said than done, but fortunately there are a number of services online today that offer Resumix resume help.

Obtaining help from a professional may be a route you want to consider as you will want to make sure that you have a well written resume that can appeal to the scanning software and the reviewer as well, but more than that there are certain rules for Resumix resumes depending on what agency you wish to apply for. For example the Navy Resumix will allow you to submit five pages, but the Army Resumix will only allow you to submit three. Here again, if you don’t do it right, you don’t stand a chance.

While it was designed to both streamline and ease the hiring process, Resumix can be somewhat confusing. Working with a professional Resumix resume writer can help you to ensure that the resume you submit will not only be accepted, but also viewed; hopefully multiple times.…

Residual Income Ideas

I have run businesses for over 25 years and it has always struck me that it would be a better way to describe it as “I have been in business for over 25 years and they have run me!”

What I’m trying to say is that the main driving force of being in business for me was to become rich, be my own boss and have more free time to enjoy life doing the things I like to do.

Rarely has it worked out that way, the roller coaster ride of being in business has more often than not led to me working more hours and having less time. A busy fool!

Can I tell you that it is only when I got to grips with the internet and started to come up with some residual income ideas on the net that I began to understand the power of the internet and its ability to be able to provide me with lots of methods of residual income whilst at the same time allowing me to be in control of the time and effort that I needed to put in to create great residual income.

What creating residual income websites has done for me is free up my time to begin to enjoy my life and actually concentrate on what I love to do rather than what I have to do to earn money.

There are hundreds of residual income programs and residual income jobs that can give you the money you are looking to earn.

I found it to be a brilliant way of having recurring income affiliate programs which effectively means you can have a salesforce of thousands for free all earning you cash. I have set up a great affiliate program finder and it is easy and straight forward to do.

So having previously been the proud but overworked and underpaid owner of businesses over the past 25 years I have now been granted the best opportunity in the world to really take advantage of having real financial security and getting rid of my money worries whilst at the same time divesting myself of the aggravation of having to employ staff.

Now I really am my own boss. I am at last free and I’m setting up all the automated residual income programs I want which let me sit back and enjoy my life at last.

It’s not difficult to do, anyone can do it. You too can enjoy a great passive income, you just need the knowledge and a bit of enthusiasm to get started.

Like most things in life if you want to see something really well you have to be prepared to put the work in.

However, unlike most things in life, once you are off and running with your residual income idea set up you are able to spend less time doing it and yet see more return coming in.…

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Computer Major

If you're considering going to school to become an IT professional, you should learn what the top 10 qualities of a great computer major are. This will be helpful in deciding whether computer school is right for you, and it will help you determine what skills you need to play up or work on more. So without further ado, here are the top 10 qualities of a great computer major:

1. Ability to Multitask: Computer professionals are often involved in many tasks at the same time, which involves time management skills to pull off successfully.

2. Adaptability: If you want to make it in the professional computer / IT world, you have to be versatile. This means bringing skills in other fields, such as business and finance, to the table.

3. Analytical Skills: You should have great analytical skills because you can use them to develop new ideas and solve computer problems.

4. Aptitude for Math: Mathematics is used in many computer applications, so you can not do well in this career without a few good math skills.

5. Attention to Detail: If your numbers, computations or placements are even slightly off, it can affect how a computer program runs or looks. You must be able to ensure accuracy every time.

6. Commitment to Learning: As a computer professional you will constantly be reeducating yourself in order to keep up with changing technology.

7. Communication Skills: Many IT professionals lack good communication skills, so you can set yourself apart here. This will help you understand clients 'and coworkers' needs.

8. Memorization Skills: You must be able to learn and memorize programming languages ​​to make it in this professional field.

9. Problem Solving / Troubleshooting Capabilities: If you're going to be able to solve problems with networks, software and various programs, you have to be able to think about your feet and act fast.

10. Technical Writing Skills: This means being able to explain very complicated concepts on paper in such a way that the layman will understand.

Utilize this list if you are thinking about majoring in computer science or a related field and are looking for ways to stand out in the field of potential competitors. …

Is A Pocket Wi-Fi Right For You?

One of the latest innovations in internet technology today is the pocket Wi-Fi. Just like your regular modem at home, it connects to the internet wirelessly, but the only difference is that it’s a small, portable device that you can slip inside your pocket anytime. It also requires a SIM card that connects you to any tower of your telecommunications service provider in order to give you access to the internet. And just like your regular router, it allows you to access the internet using your smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

Advantages of Pocket Wi-Fi

A Pocket Wi-Fi device has several advantages to other types of internet connection. No, it cannot offer you internet speed as fast the one your cable or DSL can provide, but there are certain situations that this option is the best for you. One of the major advantages of this device is that it allows internet access to several Wi-Fi enabled devices you have at home. Unlike the regular broadband stick that is restricted to whatever device it’s plugged in, this device can provide internet access to up to 5 devices at once. Another advantage of this technology is that it gives you access to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing. This option is offered by your phone’s 3G internet, but instead of consuming your phone’s data by using 3G, you can simply connect your phone to your pocket Wi-Fi and enjoy unlimited internet access without worrying about your phone credit.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Pocket Wi-Fi?

Those Who Can’t Install Internet at Home – This technology is the best option for you in case you cannot install an ADSL connection or any other type of internet connection in your home.

Those Who are Always on the Go – If you are a busy person and are always out on business trips, this technology is perfect for you because it gives you access to the World Wide Web anytime, anywhere. This means you can send emails, connect to Skype, and communicate with your clients and colleagues wherever you may be.

The Bottom Line

A pocket Wi-Fi has its own share of drawbacks and it may not always be the best internet connection option for you. Unlike Cable or DSL internet, it may be a little bit slower and the quality of the connection may not be as good. Nevertheless, there is no question that this handy solution is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to gain access to internet regardless of time and location.…

5 Ways to Get a Dead Spy Pen to Work

If you have a Spy Pen, sometimes it just seems to be either stuck with the light on, or dead and will not turn on. We wrote this report to show you some of the tricks we found to getting your it to work again.

1. Perform A Hard Reset
The majority of the time, just inserting the end of a paper clip in the opening below the status light on the back, and performing a hard reset, will get your Spy Pen working. Just bend a small paper clip end out, and insert straight into the opening. When you meet resistance, push light, and you can feel the reset button depressed.

Make sure it goes straight in, and not at an angle, or you could damage some of the components inside. Let go and try to turn it on.

2. Rule Out The USB Cable
If you are using a USB cable to either connect the Spy Pen to your computer, or to the 110V wall charger adapter, one day the cable will fail. If you use the USB cable because you can not connect the pen directly to the computer, try just plugging it directly into the computer.

Do not use a USB hub, as sometimes there is not enough power for the it; Just connect it directly to the computers USB port. On some computers, use the USB port on the back, as front USB ports are sometimes weaker.

3. Rule Out The 110V Wall Charger
Just like the USB cable, the 110V wall charger adapter will also fail at some point; So if it does not seem to take a charge, try charging it for 3 hours in the computers USB port. If the status light is on while its charging, its getting electricity to charge the battery.

4. Put The Spy Pen Back In In Video Mode
Several Spy Pens have switches to go to photo mode, or voice activation mode. If you move the switch to change modes, and you do not move it back to video mode, the computer will say it is not recognized. Try moving the switch back to the original position.

5. Erase & Reformat The Spy Pen
If the Spy Pen shows up as a removable drive on your PC, just right click on the icon and let go on "Format." Then check the "Quick Format" button, then hit OK. The drive will be erased, and reformatted. This usually takes care of any pens that make it this far.

On an Apple computer, use Disc Utility to erase the drive and format as MS DOS 32. Then eject properly; On a Mac, right click on the drive and select eject. On a PC, click on the green Left arrow down at the lower right part of the monitor, then click on eject to properly eject the device.

That's our report on "5 Ways To Get A Dead Spy Pen To Work." If your pen still will not work, and …