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Why Organic SEO is Better Than PPC

Despite the fact that both organic SEO and PPC are part of the same system – Search Engine Marketing, there are a few very basic yet essential factors that distinguish organic SEO from PPC and make it much better than the latter. Some of the benefits organic SEO has over PPC are as follows:

It provides long term solutions:

Organic search results may be slow in listing the websites, but its listing is a much more stable and long term process. The search listing which appears through organic search is a more permanent one than PPC which generally runs for a specified time span after which it dissolves and disappears.

The click through rates is higher:

Research proves that the end users too have a tendency of clicking on the organic results more than the paid listings that appear on the search engine result pages. This makes the click through results of organic SEO almost 70{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} higher than those of the paid search results.

Quality Traffic:

Since the organic SEO are mostly dependent on keywords, that are selected after a proper research and survey on user tension and demographics is conducted, it suggests that the traffic too will be planned and of good quality too. The search engine techniques is entirely based on keywords, the end users type in a keyword relevant o their search and the search engines display results that match with their requirement. This makes is evident that the users will only type what they are looking for, and will land into your page only if it is relevant to their search. Therefore, the possibility of having low quality traffic is comparatively low here.

Many more avenues:

Unlike PPC campaigns that only rely on keyword bidding, the organic SEO [http://www.rupizmedia.com/organic-search] also involves a number of other techniques of attracting traffic as well. this makes it double effective than the PPC. The natural or organic search also includes content writing, link building or link exchange and other on page and off page promotions to help enhance the traffic flow to a website.

Low Cost Marketing:

The last and the most important difference between organic search and PPC is that the former is a no cost search promotion technique. Organic SEO does not require you to spend any many on marketing, unlike PPC where, one has to keep paying the search engines every time a click is generated.