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Betting Exchange Trading Software – Bet Trader Reviewed

Having had time in the course of the last weeks to assess the Bet Trader software I can honestly highly recommend it. The interface is understandable, and very straightforward to understand, for the newbie, as well as having all the information a pro-trader requires on a solitary screen.

Having checked out the support side, Adam responds to questions promptly, and was at all times obliging, a very good sign that a product is well supported.

This is NOT a betting bot, but a method to trade manually, simply & quickly on Betfair, and in truth if I am just doing quick manual trades on the horses myself, I currently use the Bet Trader software.

Supplied with Bet Trader are around 20 exceptional videos on how to benefit from it, so you have no excuses on what every function does. Not only that, an outstanding bonus is they supply you with videos on how to trade, and don’t charge you a penny for them. These are a MUST watch, and after a week or two of practise, and probably losing a few quid, you’ll acquire the hang of it. Do not expect to profit from trading straight away, and use no more than ý2 stakes now until you have proven you can profit.

Some easy rules when learning to trade are:

1. Don’t give up, the penny will drop, even if it takes weeks.

2. If you make a cock-up, walk away, stop trading, and learn from it.

3. Never permit a trade go in-running, in reality you should only be in the market no more than 30 seconds. If you do, you can easily lose the bank.

4. If a trade starts going against you, or is not doing what you predicted, get out promptly.

One video you MUST view is “Betfair Trading Using Advanced Coin Flipping and Guesswork Techniques”. This shows you a trading secret nearly all pro-traders would not like you to know! Basically that your trade entry point can be random, and you still profit. In the early days of Betfair trading WOM (Weight of Money) used to be the trend to chase, this is no longer the case, you now have to view the market and acquire a feel for it.

The most crucial bit about Bet Trader is that it is FREE, so no reason not to download it and give it a go today.

So their ought to be a catch right? Not really, you can trade via Betfairs API at no cost using the Grid in the software (that is the screen similar to Betfairs own). This is fine for learning.

Oh, while I remember, YOU MUST USE A SEPARATE ACCOUNT FOR TRADING, otherwise you’ll never know if your trading is profitable or not, and if it is, other betting could wipe out the profits.

If you want to use the part of the software that the pro-traders use, the Ladders, and you ought to if you really desire to make decent long-term …

Streaming TV on Your Cell Phone: 4G Makes It Possible

How long has it been since the first portable televisions appeared on the electronics market? Perhaps you can recall purchasing one of those brick-like black and white TVs for your grandpa to watch football games on nearly 15 years ago. It seemed like a revolutionary development at the time to be able to tune into the tube from a handheld device. Yet, we've waited what feels like far too long for the technology to step up to the challenge and bring us quality-streaming television broadcasts for our mobile lifestyles. With 4G networks coupled with advances in web technology, it finally seems that the wait may be over.

Although it still is not as comprehensive as we might like it to be, watching TV on our portable electronic devices has finally come to the masses. With wireless internet networks that work faster and more efficiently, transfering data at higher rates than we've ever seen, you can finally appreciate the live action of a sports game, news broadcast, or even some of your favorite movies. The tools are there; the technology has arrived; now it's just a matter of incorporating the possibilities into your daily life.

Carrying between four and eight megabytes of information per second, (and up to twelve in some cases), you can rest assured that what the developers are talking about is well grounded. With third generation wireless Internet services, it may have occasionally been possible to view a few choppy low-quality segments from a television program or tow. If you were satisfied with this kind of coverage, than you'd certainly be among the minority. For most smart phone users, getting online necessitated fast and efficient coverage that could rival their experiences at their desktop computer. After a long and trying wait, that technology is finally at your fingertips.

For the average American these days, making use of a personal computer is not what it used to be. In fact, typing up some documents and checking e-mail or the least of our everyday interactions with the computers of today. Now, we use our beloved gadgets and machines to help us stay connected socially, for work purposes, entertainment and much more. As people become more accustomed to the unique tools and services available online, there's only one thing remaining on their minds- How do they take these possibilities with them wherever they go? The solution comes in the form of fourth generation mobile broadband services.

Now that the service is finally available in the form of 4G, it's up to the consumer market to respond by investing in tools that are compatible with this cutting-edge technology. More cell phone and personal electronic device companies are fabricating gadgets that meet these primarily needs. They are well aware that the public has been waiting to take advantage of streaming video capabilities and more from the convenience of their cellular phones. With the right equipment and the right service, the future is finally visible to the masses. …

Web Site Design – The New Generation

Web site design has gone through a radical change since the beginning of its exsistance. The New generation has it much more difficult than the past. With seemingly new technologies on the rize every single day, this generation of web designers and developers have it much more difficult.

New techniques in web design make it hard for someone to just be a "web designer" It; s more likely that they are a graphic designer, web designer, web developer, professional content writer, and more. Because of all the new technologies: XHTML, FLASH, XML, ASP, blogs, forums, downloads, content feeds, SEO, multimedia techniques, and the list can go on and on. Not only that but the conutless programs and languages ​​you must master to achieve this. It has become difficut to become a well rounded "web designer" without great knowledge and knowhow on all the new technologies. But with years of practice and studying you can do some amazing things and amaze the world.

One of the new technologies is RSS. RSS (really simple sindication) is a format for syndicating news and the content of sites. RSS is still a relatively new member of the internet community. RSS is now apppering on cell phones, PDA's, and other devices. XML and RSS go hand in hand and XML is the primary technology that drives rss. RSS syndication is a teriffic tool to spread the word about your site. …

Intranet Software

Intranet means a network that is generally used within an organization to facilitate the sharing of information among employees. This network uses Internet protocols and even public telecommunication systems.

Various tools and concepts used in providing Internet services are also used in building an intranet. In its earlier days there were software packages to help build this kind of network. But now that option has given way to another new technology. This is commonly known as a web-based intranet. There are different kinds of intranet software that make interface and navigation easy, cost effective and accessible. Much of this software is available free of cost on the Internet.

In several organizations, intranet software is not able to give desirable results. This is because at times it might not be user-friendly. Not all intranet software is like this. In fact, specific types of intranet software are suitable for particular business environments. So it is better to use that software which is not alien to your business environment. That is why traditional software solutions have now given way to the new, dynamic software solutions. There is certain intranet software that can be modified as necessary.

Typically, software-based intranets prove to be a costlier option in terms of money as well as time, compared to web-based intranets. Compared to the latter, the former also requires stronger internal support. On the other hand, web-based solutions are providing to be a better option, as more and more software tools are being developed to make this viable viable for all. It is better to have a trial of the software you are going to use for making an intranet functional in your organization. Any snag at a later stage could lead to break down in communications that could have a serious impact on your business operations. …

Quick Website Promotion – Four Fast Tips to Keep Visitors Coming

Simple and easy to implement, these quick web site promotion tips are guaranteed to bring in more traffic to your site for just minimal effort and time in your part. It does not take much to implement them, but they sure generate significant results. Try them to believe them!

* Word it – The right keywords, as long as the content is kept relevant and informative, are the key to search engine popularity. Use the proper keyword density without sacrificing style and grammar. A keyword density of 5{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} to 7{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} is good enough. Also pick the most searched keywords that are related to your website's topic.

* Submit it – There are tons of free directories and search engines to which you can submit your website. Do not limit yourself to popular ones like Google and Yahoo where competition is already stiff. Take a bit of your time to join less popular ones; you'll have better chances to have a higher page rank there.

* Display it – Include it in your email signatures, calling cards, forms, faxes, and letterheads. You can even have bumper stickers of your site's URL made and stuck to your own car's bumper, and your family's and friends' too. Grab any acceptable chance you get to display your website's URL.

* Blog it – You do not have to wait for someone to write about your website for it to get the attention it describes. Write about it yourself! In each blog entry, add a prominent link to your website. Keep your blog humorous, interesting, and updated, and ever you'll gather fans who can be lured to your website out of curiosity. …

Best SEO Services – How to Find One

Best SEO services can help you to promote your site to innumerable unexplored customers across the world. The companies offering best seo services are tough to find. Although all of them claim themselves to the best SEO services provider, but only a very few are the best. So, what the characteristic features that make a SEO company the best SEO services provider? Let us explore the facts and try to find the solution to the question.

First, let us star with the concept of SEO services. What are they? SEO services are mainly of two types:

1. On page optimization – It includes any SEO related changes in the concerned website itself. Content development for the website, change of meta tags, canonicalization, redirection, url structuring, seo copywriting, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, coding and many more.

2. Off page optimization – Any SEO work outside the website is known as Off Page Optimization. The main emphasis is given to back-link creation. Many say that the largest search engine of USA, namely Google, gives maximum importance to off page factors. You may have heard about link building. They say that it is the most significant factor of off page optimization. According to unconfirmed sources I have come to know that Google gives 60{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} weightage to Off Page factors. Directory submission, article submission, RSS submission, reciprocal link building, 3 way, 4 way and more link building, etc. Now a day another area has also been included in Off Page SEO and that is Social Media Optimization (SMO). Social Media consist of Social Bookmarking as well as Social Networking. Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Answer are only a few names in this huge world of SMO. Stumbleupon and Digg are the most popular ones n the bookmarking section. Facebook, Twitter and other friend making sites are the social networking ones.

All the SEO companies are not adept in all the services mentioned above It has been witnessed that some of the companies are good at On Page work but are not that good at Off Page works and vice versa. Moreover, some are good at link building but not at Social Media Marketing or SMO. Thus, the company that provides a comprehensive solution to your SEO needs is considered as the best SEO Services provider.

Another aspect is very important in the SE optimization work and that is creation of site map. Site maps can be created inside the website or blog. It helps the visitors to find a page very easily. It helps them navigate in a lucid manner. That is not all. These sitemaps also help the search engine robots / bots to navigate lucidly. Generation of.xml sitemap creation is also there. Many companies do not offer these services to their customers. Thus, it is one of very important criteria of choosing the best SEO services provider company.

After checking all the points mentioned above, the time has come for you to check whether the concerned SEO Texas Company has all the …

Search Engine Optimization: Why Is SEO Web Promotion Important

Search engine optimization is a long term that confused many internet marketers so they usually dismiss it and focus on some other area of ​​internet marketing or the newest fad whether it is blogging, My Space, or podcasting.

While it is good to diversity your marketing efforts and pay attention to new methods, search engine marketing has been around for a long time and it is not going anywhere. The simple fact is that some estimates report 85 percent of internet users utilize search engines to find what they want on the internet. That is why you can not ignore search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization gets your site and its contents noticed by the search engines then ranked well for the keywords your target audience uses to search. The more visitors then the higher your revenue. That is a pretty simple formula for success.

So what is search engine optimization? Also known as SEO, search engine optimization simply means including recommended design and content elements to your web site, blog, and / or RSS feed to make it more attractive to search engines.

While the exact formulas that the top search engines use to calculate rankings are typically a closely guarded secret, there are search engine optimization experts who can point out some easy ways to optimize your site. And in fact, this optimization will only take a few minutes of your time and can achieve dramatic results after the next search engine spiders your site.

However before you can really begin to work on SEO then you need to determine the most effective keywords for your target audience. Once you have those keywords then you can incorporated them into your page title, headlines, content, and alt tags.

Search engine optimization is important because it is free, it is easy, it is targeted marketing, and it keeps on working even when you do not. You do not need to constantly monitor or fund SEO campaigns as they are self-sustaining once you set them into motion. …

How to Tell If an SEO Article Service Will Really Deliver Long Term Results

Why use an article service to create custom SEO articles rather than writing them yourself? What are the benefits of using a professional SEO article service as far as your business is concerned? At first glance it may seem that paying someone to write articles on the topic of your business is illegally to get you very far, but you'd be wrong. At least, you'd be wrong if you looked at the top article writing services on the web. But be warned, there are more low quality article writers than high quality ones out there, and there's a world of difference between the two. So what are the benefits, and how can you spot an SEO article writing service that's likely to give you value for money, and results which will affect positively on your sales figures?

The first article services to avoid are advertising using PPC or Pay Per Click sponsored adverts. Why? Simple – if they can really deliver results, creating high quality SEO articles which will power their way to the top of the search engines results pages, then surely they should have their site listed at the top of the results pages without having to pay for it to be there? It's a little like a BMW salesman using a Mercedes to get about – it makes you question whether the goods he's selling are so wonderful if he does not use them himself. If an article writing service can not even get their own website to the top of the search results pages, then how are you expected to believe they'll be able to get your own business there?

Several article writing services I know of display screenshots of Google, apparently showing their website near the top of the search results for major keyword searches. This might look good, except that if you actually carry out that keyword search, their website does not appear anywhere! How did they manage that then? There are two methods – one misleading and one downright lie. The first method that use is to briefly boost their website so that it appears near the top of the search results pages, take a screenshot, and then forget it. It can sometimes be easy to get a website to briefly appear near the top of the results pages. A new website and a big rush of SEO articles can make a site pop to the top. The problem is that just hours later it starts to sink into oblivion. This is no good for your business. You need an article service which gives you long term results – getting your site to the top, and keeping it there.

The second way in which screenshots can mislead is if they have been completely falsified. It is perfectly easy to take a screenshot of the page one results for a keyword, then find your site languishing somewhere on page ninety nine, and use an image editing program to cut and paste your site so …

Debt Collection Agency Software

Debt collection in itself can be a difficult task, particularly in these fluctuating economic times that have left so many people buried in debt. As anyone knows, that has spent any amount of time working in the field of debt collections it requires the processing a lot of information that is needed when trying to collect outstanding over due debt.

In the past, this mean reams of paper work that was very difficult to handle and analyze once it has been compiled. The fact is, that more and more businesses are now using software that is custom tailored to fit the exact needs that are unique to their particular business.

What debt collection software does, is to eliminate the confusing and cumbersome paperwork and bring all of the truly relevant information up to you in an easy to read and understand format. This means that you can handle far greater numbers of cases in far less time, resulting in better numbers at the end of the day.

Information is power in any business but what good is your information if you do not have it at your finger tips when you need it? With debt collection software that is specifically designed for the debt collection business you do not need to have a computer programmer to operate it.

Simply pop it in your computer or your laptop and everything that you are familiar with including all the terms and phrases that are used in debt collections are right at your fingertips. Graphs, charts and schematics are a click of your mouse away that can turn any data that you have compiled into usable easy to understand material that can be applied immediately to your tasks at hand.

The fact of the matter, is that your competition is probably now using debt collection software, which places them in a dominant position over you if you are not. …

Easy and Flexible Master Pages For Classic ASP

The problem:

Classic Active Server Pages is a still a powerful and flexible way of building websites. The VBScript language is easy to learn and it requires only a text editor to write the web pages. The one drawback to ASP was that making the website look the same on every page was tedious work and it was difficult to make cosmetic changes. Standardizing the look and feel on a website can be difficult. Using the code of an existing website for a different site with a different layout can be impossible.

Many programmers tried to solve the templating issue using ASP’s file include mechanism and that solved part of the problem. Putting different parts of the layout into include files helped but it also spread out the code making maintenance more difficult. If you know anything about ASP include files you know that they are not dynamic – you can’t include one “on the fly” so to speak. Changing the look and feel of a website at runtime was limited to CSS style sheets.

The Solution:

The templating problem in Classic ASP has been solved and the solution is free for any programmer to use. The KudzuASP template engine allows Classic ASP programmers the ability to use HTML template files in the same way that ASP.NET programmers use Master Pages. When using KudzuASP the layout of the website is stored in a simple HTML document that uses special markup tags. KudzuASP uses these markup tags to make high speed function calls back to your ASP page at the points in the template where content is needed to “fill in the blanks”. The result is a highly flexible methodology that allows the HTML template to drive the layout process. If you need to make a change to the layout of an entire website you only need to make that change in the template.

What about that other challenge of changing the look and feel of the website at runtime. KudzuASP beats the old include files method hands down. You can have a completely different look and feel based upon who logged in, what group they belong to, the season of the year or even the time of day — for any reason. When the moment arrives to write the webpage out to the browser you simply specify a different HTML template from the file system or database – it’s that easy!


KudzuASP is a flexible system that provides a lot of templating features like iteration, substitution, conditional inclusion and exclusion of content. It was designed using a flexible component architecture that makes writing and installing your own components incredibly easy. One of the best things about KudzuASP is that it is Open Source and free to use in personal and commercial websites.…