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Pros and Cons of Using Executive Dashboards in Construction Software

Construction Management Software systems are typically designed for Enterprise configurations, which usually include Executive Dashboard modules geared for quick views of every facet of the business; generally in real-time data.

Executives of large companies and corporations do not want to be bogged down with a lot of confusing details, so Executive Dashboards most often include the primary business indicators; either specifically designed for the business, or from preset module component preferences built into the software.

For example, executives at very top levels might need to see only the rolled up Profit and Loss indicators; sales reports; yearly or monthly comparisons, and perhaps current market data; maybe even some of the competition’s position; and other things pertinent to steering the company toward maximum growth and efficiency.

Executives at lower levels might need to see where the rolled up P&L data is coming from, such as which business units or construction projects are impacting those particular indicators. These executives might also want to know how some of their direct reports are managing their responsibilities, thus they might opt for being able to view data for each segment within their jurisdiction, in order to interject proactive motivation or assistance when it is most important.

Other executives might want still another set of indicators. Clearly, each business model and each business unit will dictate just which indicators make the most sense for each sector of the business at hand.

Many forms of data are available through Executive Dashboards in most Enterprise systems with the proper interfaces and data feeds established. Construction companies certainly benefit from mapping their business processes and methodologies to reflect the synergistic relationships between all segments of the business, and marrying that to the Construction Management software functionality.

Executive Dashboards are surely important pieces of any Enterprise system, and, as such, are often integrated into Construction Management Software packages. Just because some Construction companies dig in the dirt does not mean they should not have a clear and clean overview of their business operations. Executive Dashboards can provide that overview in real-time, if properly setup and connected.

In addition, there are a number of third-party Executive Dashboard software solutions available that are designed to interface with the more commonly used business software packages. These add-on modules can often be seamlessly integrated into existing software tools.

Of course, it is important to remember the importance of accurate data, with any software system. The adage “garbage in – garbage out” is so very true when it comes to relying on information to make important business decisions. Not many executives would appreciate learning the data they were using was fictitious or otherwise not real. Such dilemmas can ruin companies rather quickly.

Every member of any business team must always ensure accurate, timely data input to Enterprise systems. After all; the data, as they say, “is only as good as the one who inputs it.”