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Programmed Dreams – Practice Is Key To Success With Programmed Dreams

Practice is key to programmed dreams, when you begin programming and do this with regularity, your mind comes to know that this is what you want it to do, and you will begin receiving guidance on a regular basis. Different things will begin to happen. You will awaken at the sound of the doorbell, which actually does not ring, but it serves to awaken you just as a powerful thought or important message is coming through. This can cause you to question whether there is some other force trying to tell you something and using the doorbell trick to make sure you wake up and remember it.

At times you will receive verbal messages that come through at the speed of thought and in which there is never an extra word. These messages are truly enlightened statements, and they cause you to wonder about the source. These occur without programming, but might relate to something of particular importance to you at the time.

Some people even report enlightened visitors, or visions, during the night which are most helpful. One patient who had a terrible problem with a twelve-year-old daughter, for example, solved that problem completely with her first programmed dream; but then an American Indian chief began visiting her during sleep. She had told me she wanted to be a writer. I chuckled to myself because I thought her to be an unlikely writer, but then the Indian chief began providing deep, profound wisdom.

One night, she asked him how he became what he is. He described being a young lad, in a small village, who was very egotistical and constantly calling attention to himself. Eventually he fell in love with a young maiden, but she would not pay attention to him. So he thought if he became wealthy by their standards, then she would pay attention to him, but still she ignored him.

Then one winter, there was not enough food; so he thought if he could go on a hunt and bring back some food, then she would pay attention to him. Before venturing forth, he stopped at the dwelling of another family and found them all frozen to death. This touched him deeply and made a special impact on him.

On the hunt, he was about to kill a giant elk when by some freak accident, he was mortally wounded. In his dying moments, his only concern was about bringing food to the starving people in the village. In other words, there was no concern for himself, not even for his own life. In his dying moments, his need instantly became love, and that’s his story of how he became what he is.

There are two Bible quotes that relate specifically to the Indian’s story: The first is Jesus saying, “No man has greater love than he who lays down his life for a friend.” The second relates to a parable given by Jesus to the effect that those workers who arrive at the end of the day get the same penny. The Indian had shown total love in his dying moments. This is the Indian’s story of how he became what he is.

Even the expressions the Indian used were stone-age expressions, such as “The smallest man with the smallest stone can bring down the biggest redwood tree.” Another expression was, “You have to walk down the mountain before you can climb the mountain.”

It took fifteen years before I realized that the programmed dream probably is what most people describe as the miracle of prayer-only with a simple technique for receiving the miracle any night at will. If it helps, then decide that it is prayer, and then pray in this special way to get the answer to the riddles of your own life.