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Basics of Online Share Trading

Internet has fast dissolved itself into our daily lives. Right from our banking needs to shopping, we can have almost everything we desire through the internet. Nowadays, the latest trend is the online transactions of the stocks, that is, selling and buying the stocks through the internet. There are many who are already making use of this facility, whereas there are many who have a little idea about it and would want to know more about it. The buying and selling of stocks online is a very easy process, and is risky too. However, with the advancement of time and technology, the transactions are becoming more and more secure, thus increasing the number of online transactions day by day.

If you wish to buy stock shares through the internet, follow the same procedures that you would follow if you were physically buying them. Do a complete Google search on the company that you are interested in, and always keep exploring better options. There are a lot of brokers online that offer you cheaper rates when you trade online with them, as compared to the ones where you place your order by calling them on the phone or by going to them.

The first step to buy shares online is to look for a reliable and inexpensive stock broker. Do some research and list out the top 5-6 companies that offer affordable services. Do not completely rely on the customer testimonials. Be sure to read the external reviews as well. Frankly, not all the customers have pleasant experiences. There are a few who are bound to have unpleasurable experiences. Choose the company that you think is best for your needs. Buying and selling stocks online is a convenient option, but you have to be careful about who you are dealing with over the internet.

After you have finalized the broker, check the website for individual deals. If possible, have them call you and then inquire about individual deals. This can be very important because it indicates what the company offers to give you in return to dealing with your money. Also, since they are trained and experienced professionals, their advice could prove to be very beneficial to you. It has also been commonly observed that reputed online share trading companies are fair, and have proved to be very helpful. However, be very alert when reading or listening to the terms and conditions. You do not want to miss on something important and then lose some of your hard earned money.

As time passes by, the internet will become more user interactive and many more options will be added, commonly as well as to the share trading specifically. It does not matter if you have been trading stocks for a long period of time, or if you are a new investor, buying and selling of shares online is going to be equally productive and exciting. The stock market and the traders have been relying on the information provided by the internet for …

How Is Google Search Changing Us?

Typing in Google and searching for stuff has never been easier. Have you ever wondered how it is changing us? Read on for insights.

For instance, we want to look up the meaning of a word or find synonyms of that word. We can find the answer in the matter of a few clicks. In the old days, when the web was not there, we had to turn over the pages of a dictionary and find the word we were searching for matching the first few alphabets.

A search on Google, for this matter, certainly has made this easier. We are too reluctant and lazy nowadays to consult a solid dictionary when Google is so handy.

We can also find information relevant to research in the niche we are interested in. We can find new sites and bookmark them for future references. All these information can be retrieved on Google clicks.

However, not all information on the web corresponding to a Google search can be 100{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} relevant and accurate. We may in that case have to purchase books and consult them. So for short runs it is okay and we can take it. But if we are writing a thesis, research paper, article or report, this is where solid books come into the picture.

Not all the searches on Google give the answer we are looking for. Sometimes we fall into a loop, continuously clicking and wasting our time when the information can be rightly found in catalogues or at the library of our office.

Free forums are available on the web and a Google search on these can rightly let us discover them. I think it is good to consult the forums for the information you need badly. This may be related to programming issues or other topics for that matter. If they are popular, you get good solutions for your problems from gurus or experts in those forums.

Fiction eBooks come in handy as well on many free sites. Instead of spending money on fictions, you can just download good fiction eBooks from the sites and these sites you can find on Googling.

The advantages of a Google search have made our lives much simpler, easier and cozier by letting us access the required information at a fast pace. But for long term commitments which, I have explained before, Google searches simply waste our time without giving us the information we need and in that case, it is more reliable for us to consult a library.…

How to Use a Dell Laptop ePSA Error Code to Help Resolve Your Issue After Running the ePSA

Understand the ePSA codes

The ePSA codes are a set of information which guides the user about the errors within the computer system. There are several errors which can occur; moreover it is quite hard to tackle these errors. The ePSA error code is basically a number, which contains the information about the error. Different error codes have different explanation and solutions. If you are unaware of the ePSA error codes, or if you have not encountered one yet, then it is advisable to look into the Dell tech support phone number. Moreover, you can talk to the computer professionals by dialing 1 800 723 4210.

CPU’s error

The ePSA error code for this problem is 2000-0111. This is a problem which takes place in the motherboard of the computer. Moreover, it causes the processing unit to malfunction. You can gain more knowledge regarding this factor by engaging to the 24/7 customer support. The solution to this problem is briefly discussed below.

Upgrade your system’s BIOS

If upgrading does not help, then replace the motherboard or the processor.

Computer’s battery error

Here the ePSA error code is 2000-0131; this involves the dysfunction of the system’s battery. Moreover, this error may prevent the computer to start, because the battery is not in its proper function.

In order to counter this issue, first you need to shut down the computer

Make sure that the power code of the system is disconnected

Open the case of your computer and eject the battery

Place the battery again in its position. Moreover, if the error still prevails, then replace the battery and consider the technical support number.

The hard disk drive (HDD) error

The error code now, is ePSA 2000-0141, this is certainly a HDD’s error. In this case, the system might report that the hard disk drive (HDD) cannot be found or located. Even Though the hard disk drive is properly installed, it still cannot be read by the system. This error occurs, in the case where the hard drive is not installed. If you experience this issue, then consider the following resolution.

If you have a notebook computer, then simply reset the hard disk drive. In case where you have a desktop computer, plug out the data cable and the power cord of the hard drive. Plug in both of the cables, and make sure they are properly connected.

If the above mentioned solution does not works, then replace your hard disk drive.

If you still experience the issue, then don’t hesitate to call the Toll free number.

The Optical Drive Error

Another more common issue is of the optical drive, the error code for this problem is ePSA 2000-0147. In this scenario, every time you insert a disk into the optical drive, the drive fails to read the disk. Moreover, your system might inform you that there is no Blue ray or DVD drive installed. Below, is a brief instruction on how to resolve this problem?

Switch off your computer and prevent …

Factors That Make Shopping Online a Good Idea

Shopping being an essential one for everyone can be fun and easy for some, while some would consider it a chore and irritating. Online shopping is the perfect solution for the home bound and for those who find shopping a difficult task. Online shopping has proved to be a boon for those who live in rural areas too. Whether you’re buying directly from a business online retailer, an individual online shopping site, or an Internet auction site, shopping online can be fun, simple, time saving and economical.

More about Shopping Online…

Since the development of the Internet, all hard-to-obtain, hard-to-do things have become quite simple that anyone can get anything from wherever they are, all by using a your PC. The Internet not only gives you an ocean of information you required, at the same time expands your shopping options like never before! Now, with only a few clicks of a mouse, you can go online to buy just about anything you need or want.

Festival shopping can be a real stress for most of you, and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for you to think about the gifts you have planned to buy. Secure online shopping gives you a little less shopping stress and saves more time, especially during Christmas and other festival season when the crowd packs the streets. Shop your things without venturing into the crowded shopping areas and wrestling your way between shoppers. Most important of all, you need not hurry or worry about finding a parking lot for your car. A simple online search can lead you to the right product at the right price, fast.

If you are looking for great online shopping suggestions or you want to find Australia’s best online shopping websites please read on…

Online shopping benefits…

  • Online shopping offers unbelievable convenience to the shoppers.
  • Online shopping allows people to browse through a variety of retailers, items and categories without leaving their home, compare prices with greater ease and order as many items as they can afford.
  • It provides round the clock service that allows you to shop at your leisure, regardless of your time. Unlike direct shopping where you can shop only during the showroom’s working time, online shopping allows you to buy things any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Compared to physically going to a shopping mall to shop, online shopping can reduce overhead costs in a variety of ways that inturn reduces the prices to an unbelievable amount.
  • Online retailers too offer many attractive sales promotions. “Festival/seasonal offers”, “Discount sales”, “Buy one and get one free”, and “Buy now” could be few of them. Bargains can be numerous online.
  • Online shopping renders you great help if you wish to gift your daughter who is staying in another country, you can make her day special by sending her a jewellery set by shopping online.
  • With a click on your mouse, you can buy anything from flowers to

Lime Survey – A Review on the Open Source Survey Software

Lime Survey (formerly known as PHP Surveyor) is an open source survey software that you can use for setting up online surveys. The software generates survey forms and collects data by using a set of PHP scripts with MySQL or MS SQL.

The main advantage of Lime Survey is that it comes with a good collection of ready made templates. The survey software has a dashboard that you can use for a variety of purposes like monitoring the surveys, setting quotas, and displaying the results into a range of formats as well as local Excel spreadsheets. Once you have completed the survey, you can save it and use it for future surveys. Thus after designing a particular survey, you save a lot of work that you may have to put in for a fresh survey. The software also allows users to save the survey and complete it in another sitting if they want. The collections of questions available with the software are fully customizable to the nature of your business. Apart from all that, you get PDF automatically and also printed versions of the survey.

Considering the disadvantages which are only a few, Lime Survey requires setup on a server, and the problem is that it takes a lot of time to install and configure the software. But although the initial setup is somewhat technical, once the setup process is over, anybody can start using the software for setting up the survey. However, it does take some time to learn and understand.

On the whole, Lime Survey is a rugged and priceless survey tool that comes free. Although it has a few issues, it all diminishes considering the many advantages and the fact that the software is open source.…

How LIMS Can Make Your Lab More Efficient

LIMS stands for laboratory information management system. It is a program that makes labs run more efficiently by integrating various lab tasks like inventory, testing, and quality control into one central database. The lab management software can be tailored for the type of testing done at each specific lab and most systems are modular so they can be expanded upon as the need arises.

Lab management software is useful for labs of all sizes including small ones since it reduces the risk of human error and increases the accuracy of test results. Many routine tasks once performed by lab staff can be performed automatically by LIMS. This includes instrument calibration and calculation of scientific formulas. LIMS has an internal means of double-checking its results and alerts lab personnel to results that fall out of the expected range.

Lab management software analyzes stored data and extracts what is necessary to create reports as required for compliance inspections. In fact, LIMS is very useful for quality control and making sure your lab stays in compliance with state regulations. It automatically runs the required periodic reviews and alerts the appropriate personnel when action needs to be taken.

LIMS systems have in-depth inventory tracking capabilities that can use barcodes and RF tags. Lab management software makes it easy to keep track of specimens stored in box configurations in cold storage or liquid nitrogen units. The system can also monitor cold storage temperatures, maintain them as needed, and alert staff when temperatures fall out of the optimum range.

The trend in lab management software today is towards web-based implementation. This makes it easy for even small labs without IT departments to get their system set up and running. The system vendor maintains all the hardware and software updates. There is no installation necessary in the lab itself. Rather, the LIMS system is accessed through a traditional web browser and secure internet connection.

LIMS can be configured to work with any type of lab, medical, dental, geological, fertility labs, and labs with multiple site locations. Different labs will require different types of services. Lab management software is usually sold in modules so you only have to pay for the services that your lab uses.

The cost of lab management software varies according to the number of modules your lab requires and whether you opt for hosted web based LIMS or if you buy the software upfront and install it yourself. Expect to pay into the thousands of dollars for the initial set up and an ongoing monthly fee of hundreds of dollars if you choose the web based version.

There are many versions of LIMS on the market being sold by various vendors. Before you decide which system you want to go with, you should bring several vendors into your lab. Let them recommend the best solution for your lab and offer you an estimate. Consult with your IT department for advice on using workstation based software versus web bases lab management software.

As someone who …

The Jarvis Method, Good Story Structure and StoryCraft

As a fiction writer, I've discovered one of the hardest parts of creating a story is not in the writing process, it's figuring out the best structure to tell the story. The majority of movie scripts use the three-act structure, sometimes throwing in a prologue and epilogue which essentially turns it into a five-act structure in the storytelling process.

But there's more to story structure than just its acts: beginning, middle and end. The Jarvis method uses what all of "civilization's great myths and literary classics have in common," a well-plotted and structured story.

Pulling ideas from Joseph Campbell's the "Hero with a Thousand Faces," the Jarvis method asks you questions about your characters, her adversaries, her ordinary and extraordinary worlds and more. It helps you construct a plot line, themes and conflicts as it aids in full character development. Your story becomes better because of this method. It does not write your story for you – it helps you develop it to its full potential.

StoryCraft software, StoryCraft Luxury and StoryCraft Screenplay all use these elements when helping design your story structure. You will not find the Jarvis Method listed in any other kind of software as it is proprietary to this software.

John Jarvis, a member of the Writer's Guild of America, also wrote scripts while working in Hollywood, is one of the creators behind this software. He designed the Jarvis Method to work with his software creating these mythological concessions found in a good stories and movies today.

Writers argu about the validity of the "Hero's Journey" in story today, but it still works – the proof is in the pudding. The blockbuster "Avatar" uses these mythological principles as it tells its story. It works because these mythological archetypes are present in our unconscious and deeply resonate with the movie fan or reader as they enjoy the story.

Deep myth and archetypes go beyond cultural or societal boundaries and touch something within all of us – no matter in which country we find ourselves. That's why "Avatar" is such a great hit – because it's in tune with the myth buried inside: the "Hero's Journey."

It does not matter whether your story is a fantasy, science fiction, drama, true story or epic – the "Hero's Journey" works with all of them.

Find out how easy it is to use this software and incorporate the "Hero's Journey" into your story by clicking on the link below to see a demo of how it works. …

Strengths and Weaknesses of Android Based Applications

The Android world has registered a remarkable development in terms of user base and applications. Some Android application and programming companies have evidently developed crackerjack applications on this platform. As compared to iOS, Android is the most widely used operating system. But many of the concepts are relatively new in this operating system and the developed applications are vulnerable to https defects. Where there is light there is also darkness, so there are many advantages and disadvantages of Android-based applications.

Advantages of Android based Applications

Multitasking: Android based application development is multitasking. So a user can use two or more than two applications at the same time. This makes streaming through the social accounts and listening to songs possible.

Alerts and notifications: There is no way an Android application is going to miss any news update. The reason behind is that notifications fall directly on the home screen. The missed calls are notified by the LED flash.

Open source applications: The Android world is full of lakhs of applications and they are absolutely free. Thousands of games entertainment apps come for free in the Android world.

More smartphones functioning on Android: Big smartphone giants, i.e., HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson are using the Android applications. The user can freely use the Android smartphone as per his choice. Whereas, iOS is limited to Apple only.

Simple to use functionalities: The ROM can be easily installed and modified of the Android-based smartphones. Besides the availability of customized ROMs, there are many easy to use functionalities in Android. Moreover, the Android operating systems interface is quite simple as compared to other operating systems.

Widgets: The widgets help in accessing a variety of settings from the home screen. This makes the ergonomics to maneuver the smartphone very strong.

Availability of Google services: Google provides an array of services like Google Reader, Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, which come as a part of the Android operating system. So reading emails, and checking documents become very easy.


There are also many people who don’t agree with the notion that the Android services are better than iOS.

Uninterrupted Internet Connection is required: The Android applications might be cost effective but they need a continuous and uninterrupted internet connection. A lot of money needs to be spent on costly GPRS packets.

Advertisements: Being on open source platform has some downsides too. Too many ads are posted on the play store that further slows down the pace of this operating system.

Battery Zapper: It is always an Achilles’ heels for Android, a lot of processes running in the background consume a lot of energy. The Android-based smartphones face a lot of criticism for this strength zapping weakness.

Infectious Applications: An opens source operating system invites a lot of attacks. The Android-based applications are notoriously infamous for containing malicious viruses. Some of them to mention are Ground Force, Counter-Strike, etc. Apple iOS is proud that it thoroughly checks the integrity of applications before making them available.

Track Record of Some of …

The Power of Self-Approval

Do you want more happiness in your life? Are you tired of compromising your happiness for that of others? Have you ever stopped to think about why you have in certain ways? Do you ever wonder why celebrities and people in the lime light seem to crave all that attention?

Well, one theory is that we have in order to gain approval from others. This may seem far fetched but think about it for a minute. Everything we do in life can boil down to 2 fundamental needs: the need to be loved and the need to be helped. As such, our actions tend to be determined by our ability to please others. This stems from the fact that our mind operates in a primitive survival mode looking to protect us at all costs. This survival mentality was originally formed during our early childhood where, as dependent helpless babies, we learned that it was necessary to please our parents (or caregivers) in order to get what we wanted if it was food or milk, and so forth. If we did not gain this approval, we feared the worst – that we would perish. Fortunately, we are no longer dependent children need others approval in order to survive. However, our conditioning has ingrained in us this need to please others even though it no longer makes sense to do so.

As such, one of our biggest obstacles to happiness in life is our need for approval from others or our need to prove ourselves, our fear of disapproval, and our fear of rejection. It is solely based on survival! Now, the need for survival is gone but the habit remains.

It is important to realize that when we try to please others we are always at the mercy of someone else's response, and then we have no control over the output. When we act in accord with other people's approval, we are saying that their item is more important than ours. We are saying that they are more important than us! According to Abraham Maslow, the world renounced psychologist, "The highest state of man is self-actualization. And the essence of self-actualization is freedom from the good opinion of others." Thus, in order to be truly happy we must dissociate from the bad and good opinion of others. We must learn to approve of ourselves and realize that each and everyone of us is a unique and special person capable of wonderful things. It is critical to understand that we all live in our own little "bubble". We are unique in the meanings that we attach to the information and events in our lives. Simply stated, two people experiencing the same event or information will give different meanings to each based on their own personal experience, upbringing, programming, and paradigms. For instance, the word "battle" may elicit a different mental image or meaning to you then it would to me. As such, how can we seek others approval when they are most …

Best Keywords For Online Advertising – How to Find the Right Keywords For Online Marketing Campaigns

For anyone who is trying to market or advertise on the internet, identifying the best keywords for online advertising is probably one of the most important skills for creating success. Some types of internet advertising such as banner ads or PPC can be very costly, but when you use the power of keyword research combined with the free marketing types such as video or article marketing, you can steer a great deal of people to your websites without having to pay a dime! So if you are trying to find out how to get the right keywords, then here are the best ways to do so.

Where to Find the Best Keywords for Online Advertising:

When searching for the best keywords for your internet marketing campaigns, it is best to use the tools that are available for use online such as the Google keyword tool or the paid version of WordTracker. In addition, there are Internet Marketing and Mentoring Programs that are available to teach you the best ways to do keyword research and how to find the top keywords that are being typed into the search engines, so be sure to keep this in mind as you set out to learn this important technique.

How to Recognize the Best Keywords:

When you know the general theme and keyword topic you want to use and dig further on, you just go to one of the online tools and type your keyword or phrase into the search tool to dig deeper and find long-tailed keyword phrases. The main key here is to find specific long-tail keyword phrases with a high traffic count and KEI number and low amount of competition for websites because when you do, your websites, articles and other posts will have a much better ranking on the search engines to greatly increase your website clicks and opt-ins. Keywords with these specific features will be your best keywords for online advertising.

Where to go to Learn Keyword Research and Online Marketing:

If you are really serious about learning how to find the best keywords for online advertising, you should definitely look at enrolling in an Internet Mentoring and Marketing program. If your ultimate goal is to propel your existing business and income to a higher level, then an Online marketing course that specializes in teaching keyword research, Internet marketing and advertising is absolutely critical in making sure this happens.

An Internet Marketing and Mentoring Program that specializes in instructing their members in all the most important categories of online marketing such as keyword research, video and article marketing, social networking and blogging. Look for a company that makes it a priority to provide a massive list of the top keywords to its members with over 10 free hours of research for the sole use their members! This is an amazing resource that you can use to catapult all of your online marketing tactics to the front of the races!

Learning how to find the best keywords for online marketing …