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Mobile Phones – The Indispensable Gadgets For Modern Man

Newest handsets usually come equipped with a high resolution camera, a built in web browser and massive storage capacity. Many modern handsets have memory that could go upto 16 GB. One can also expand their memory further by using a memory expansion card. Some devices come with a secondary VGA camera that would facilitate video calling for you. Their phone book may store information on more than one thousand contact entries. They also allow you to store video and still images with you contact entries so that you can instantly recognise the caller as soon as she or he makes a call to you.

Bluetooth is another useful feature of modern day phones. This application allows the user to share their favourite songs with others without getting tangled into a maze of wires. One can also send and receive his favourite images, videos, documents etc. by using this feature. Then there is internet browser also. This application allows you to access the internet while you are moving with your mobile in the market, street, parks or driving a car. One can also take high quality video and still images with the help of these gadgets. Some handsets come with cameras that may have 8 mega pixel resolution and 20 x digital zoom. These handsets have dedicated camera keys so that you may capture your favourite images immediately and with much ease.

Touch screen and Qwerty keyboard are other specialties of modern day phones. Many gadgets support handwriting recognition and predictive text input. These features would help you type error free message with a fast speed. You can send these messages in the form of short messages ( SMS ), multi-media messages ( MMS ) and instant messages ( IM ). Global Positioning System ( GPS ) is one more useful application of most of the present day handsets. This feature never lets you lost in an unfamiliar city surrounding. It shows you maps of the area in which you are moving at a particular time and intelligently guides you to reach you destination by showing you routes. AGPS comes with voice assistance and you will get voice directions to reach your point of interest.

High end handsets like Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Pearl 8120, LG KP500 Cookie, Motorola MOTO Jewel, Nokia E90 Communicator, Samsung F700 Ultra Smart Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 etc. feature all or most of the above mentioned functionalities. Still better is that these handsets may be acquired under attractive mobile phone deals. If you own a handset under any such deal, you are sure to get plenty of benefits as these offers are beneficial for both – the user and the retailer. Users are normally offered free text messages, subsidised call rates, free calls to some numbers and free accessories like Bluetooth headphone etc. under these deals.

We can say to it makes a good sense to have a handset under some mobile phone deal. These packages provide you many benefits. Therefore, you may also plan to have your next handset under some deal and enjoy the range of benefits that you will be offered.