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Leveraging Social Media Channels to Optimize Websites

Social Media Marketing (SMM), being considered as a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a hypercritical effort to rank a website higher in search engines so that relevant keywords will help to find the website on the first page of search engines like Google. Although, the objective remains the same–to optimize so as to be found online as early and easily as possible.

Consider the top most social media channels discussed below to optimize your content as well as a website.


Make your personal profile, groups and Pages at Facebook. You can promote and optimize your website using Facebook but to purpose it efficiently in order to drive traffic to your website is of utmost significance.

To efficiently use this social networking website, make a group or page profile for your business since they are more transparent to the crawlers of search engine. Choose a vanity URL containing relevant keywords. While posting your content, try to include a video or images because a user at Facebook likes and prefers visuals more than the plain text. Do update at least 2-3 times/week. Use Analytical tools for insights, and analyze the number of interactions and overall engagement with your fan page and posts.


To showcase true commitment and passion through blogs and to stand out yourself from a crowd, sustain over long periods of time with good frequency of postings and updates. It would be good to buy your own domain name rather than renting one. Regularly update unique rich content and besides this, keep on promoting your Blog on Twitter since Google with its “real time search” feature feeds into Twitter API.


The emerging facts and figures according to conducted surveys showcases the increasing impact of Social Media “Online Videos”. Create your own YouTube channel and mention the link of your blog or website in the description section of your video to link back to your website. Also, mention the category along with tags of your video. DO not forget to promote your YouTube video on networks like Twitter.


One of the great social media channels “Twitter” is a way to connect, communicate and promote your content of your blog or website. You may add your website’s URL in your profile information. Do place a “retweet” button on your blog articles and then integrate your Twitter URL within your site’s Global Footer and make it appear somewhere at the bottom of every page of your site. This would definitely help to drive your Twitter URL up in the search engines. You may include “Follow me on Twitter” buttons on your emails and blog. Try to make tweets of max. 120 characters so that it allows space for people to “Retweet” your “Tweet” with their comments like “Informative post”


One of the best professional network could be established at LinkedIn which is nowadays growing rapidly and is one of the top social media channels. You may connect to your trusted professional contacts via LinkedIn in order to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. You must optimize this platform to broadcast and enhance you and your company’s brand. At the very start, create a public profile to build your on-line presence, then start participating in its questions and answers and also start conversations, create a community, and position yourself as an adept in that particular subject, and keep answering the questions to endorse your candidacy and expertise so that it may help to drive good traffic. You may also activate Twitter and LinkedIn interfaces on the homepage of your website.