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Levels of Software Testing

Software Testing is the process of running a program in order to find the errors and mistake of the program at the time of execution. The main intention of Software Testing is to evaluate an attribute and to check the potentiality of the program whether it gives the required output. Testing is not just giving data’s and obtaining the output, it is entirely different – it works at the time if the software fails to function or if it never gives the required output. Discovering the various nonstarter modes of software is quite not possible. Software Testing helps to find and check the quality, safety, security, perfection and completeness of the software developed.

There are different stages of Software Testing and let us go through the process one by one.

Black-box testing:

The Black-box testing is one of the method that is involved in testing. In this method the test data is derived from the defined functional requisites without affecting the structure of the program at the time of completion. It otherwise termed as Input/Output driven, Data-driven or Requirement based Testing.

The major functionality of Black-box testing is to check the functionality of the module. Black-box testing also denotes to functional testing, which is a method of testing accented on carrying out the functions and assessment of both the input and the output data. Here the tester will indulge the software under the black box test, where the specification of the input and output will seeable. The functionality is calculated by detecting the output to the equivalent inputs.

White-box Testing:

White-box testing is just opposite to Black-box testing. The software is considered as a glass-box or white-box under this category, because the structure of the software and its flow rate is clearly seeable to the tester in this type. White-box testing is otherwise termed as Logic-driven testing, Glass-box testing or Design-based testing.

There are various proficiencies accessible in white-box testing, as the trouble of intractableness is alleviated by particular knowledge and care on the formation of the software below this test. White box testing includes a couple of design techniques and they are:

o Control flow testing

o Data flow testing