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LCD Television and the Color technology

The latest on the Televison ranges is the LCD TVs or Liquid Crystal Televisions. These are called as LCD TVs because here the Picture on the Screen is created by the tiny LCDs. These are far more advanced in displaying Pictures in the Televisoin Screen.

These LCD based Televisions deliver quite good angle of view, more than 170 degrees so that you get a fully undistorted view of the Picture automatically anwhwere from the Room. These LCD Televisions are desinged with adequate contrast ratio and this helps in viewing bright scenes or dark scenes in a dark room so that the scenes can be seen clearly without any difficulty.

The latest models of the LCD -TVs are equipped with a technology called Overdrive to eliminate the problems of the TV with respect to the Ghosting, and switching to a bright scene from a dark scene or vice versa. This technology takes advantage of the LCDs emit light of set intensity for more than 20milli Seconds in displaying pictures. This time added to the refresh time for the LCDs are usually enough for displaying the film based material in a better way than the conventional CRT based TVs.

To display Video material, that are shot at higher frame speeds these LCD TVs are provided with efficient technology that displays the moving object in "correct" places for as long as possible, and erase it from outdated places as quickly as possible on the panel. Due to the improvements in design the latest LCD TVs are able to overcome the Ghosting problem to a very great extent.
Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčimprovement in a LCD TV is the displaying the colors and the resultant shades of the colors on the Screen. At present all the Colors in the RGB spectrum are displayed to give a live look to the Color images, still these color images lack the richness in their color. So manufacturers are trying to find the ways of adding more colors and shades of colors on the screen and also experimenting with extending color reproduction of LCD Televisions.

As color reproduction is the most distinct aspect of a Television, research is still on to display more colors by using fourth, or even fifth and sixth color in the optical Color filter array, or to use two sets of suitabe narrowband backlights with slightly different colors , in combination with broadband optical filters in the Panel, and alternating backlights for each consecutive frame.

So more and more techniques are being invented and applied in the latest LCD- TVs which are going to increase our viewing pleasure.