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Hypnotic Orgasm Technique To Intensify Her Orgasm

You’re about to learn an almost hypnotic orgasm technique you can use to make your girl orgasm much quicker, much more intensely and even trigger the emotions that she feels from an orgasm… any time you want.

It’s an NLP (short for neuro linguistic programming) technique called anchoring.

Here’s how it works.

Whenever we feel very strong emotions from a particular event, our minds look for something specific and unique about that experience and links (or anchors) the two together.

Just like almost all of us have a certain song that when we hear it, we instantly think of a particular person or event from the past. This happens because our emotions were so strong during that event, that our mind found that something specific and unique (in this case the song) and the two got anchored together.

So what you’re going to learn right now is how to create an anchor and attach it to the heightened emotions that your girl feels during an orgasm.

It’s really simple.

Just as your woman is having an orgasm, simply say or do something very specific and unique.

If you’re having slow romantic sex, you might say: “Baby I love making you come.”

If you’re having a more rough kind of sex, you might tell her something like “Come all over me now.”

Now it’s very important that you use different anchors for different types of sex because the emotions she’s feeling while making love will be completely different from what she feels while you just “getting it on.”

You only have to do this a few times right during the height of her orgasm and your new anchor will be set in no time.

Now you can be out with some friends, walk up behind her and whisper into her ear: “Baby I love making you come” and she’ll instantly start to feel those romantic and sensual emotions for you.

Just be careful because she might start trying to convince you to leave right there on the spot and go get a room!

She will also start to associate these heightened emotional states with your voice so just regular conversation with her can not get much more fun.

Now you can also use this same hypnotic orgasm technique to amplify the effect of your foreplay.

Once your anchor is set, say it to her during foreplay and you’ll not only increase her arousal speed and make her reach climax much sooner, but the orgasms that you give her much more intense and pleasurable.