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High Ranking In The Search Engine – Your Step By Step Guide

A high ranking in the search engine is very important to any webmaster on the net. It is
without doubt the best place to have a searcher on the internet find your website. If you
wish to have swarms of free traffic coming to your website on an ongoing basis, then you
need to make sure that your keywords are placed in the top 1-5 positions when a search uses
the keywords you use to optimize your web pages. So how do we get high rankings in the
search engines?

First off, you need to make sure that you have your web pages fully optimized for the search
engines so that they understand exactly what your website is all about! The search engines
need to know what your site is about in order to display your pages to the searchers. How do
they do this? They can identify what your web pages are about when they look at the title
tag, the header tags, bold tags and the keyword density within the text content. Basically,
If you are targeting a keyword like "Salmon fishing" then you will want to include it in the
title tag, header tags and through the content both at the top and at the bottom.

You then need to acquire back links for your web pages. In case you are unfamiliar with the
term back links. A back link is when a website / web page has a link in the form of an anchor
text of your url pointing to your web page. This in the eyes of the search engines is
classed as a vote to your web page. The more votes you get from other web pages, the higher
you will climb in the search engines. However, it is advised that you try and get web pages
that have a high page rank with a your link pointing back to your web page or site.

Not every website can give you a quality vote. If you get a vote from a website that has a
high page rank it will be more beneficial to you. Just be careful of websites that can
actually damage your ability to rank high. Most of the time, these sites are spammy and
linking to them will harm your rankings!

Following these guidelines should be well able to boast your keyword optimized pages in
the search engines. It is important to make sure you are on top of the game and your

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