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Cold Call – 5 Powerful NLP Tips for Making Cold Calls

You can use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in any areas of sales, including in making a cold call. Since things are a lot different over the phone than in person, you will have to learn how to mold the different NLP techniques to suit your objectives.

It will take time for you to learn how to use NLP over the phone effectively, but with some guidance and advice, you will be able to do great things. You can readily start by taking advantage of the following useful tips.

1) Get the right mindset for making a cold call.

You have to be focused as well as extremely confident. Do not be anxious about rejection. Firstly, the rejection will not be personal, if it occurs. More importantly, you have to believe that you have the knowledge and skills to prevent rejection.

Think of the matter this way. You have a proposition that will bring superb benefits to the prospect customer. The only reason for him to reject your proposition will be that you cannot explain these benefits well. Hence, all you have to do is focus on using your NLP skills.

2) Build rapport using voice matching and vocabulary matching.

You cannot do mirror imaging, when making a cold call, but you should not worry about this. Voice matching is an equally powerful tool. All you have to do is match the pitch of voice of the prospect. It will be best for you to speak with the same speed.

You may want to try to match the prospect’s accent, but you have to practice this in order to avoid giving the impression that you are mocking the person. With time, you will be able to match even the prospect’s breathing pattern.

Vocabulary matching involves using the same jargon words as the prospect. You will have to work on this before making the cold call. Just research the jargon used in the prospect’s industry. Research the jargon typical for his position, such as human resources manager or a CEO.

3) Do not apply the entire NLP sales process, when making a cold call.

This is a serious mistake that many people make. You are calling the prospect to initiate the sale and not to close it. That is why you have to make a good first impression using the method for building rapport.

Then you have to present the benefits of the product and of the meeting in person briefly, but influentially. This is done best with the use of NLP tools, such as anchors, metaphors and comparisons.

4) Use powerful pattern interrupts to overcome objections.

It has been estimated that salespersons feel more intimidated and helpless, when getting objections over the phone. The objection making stage is where you have to use your confidence and concentration to the fullest.

They will give you the willpower to counter the objections during a cold call. The pattern interrupts, on the other hand, are the tools which you need to use.

There are different powerful pattern interrupts to use over the phone. One of them is to say straightforwardly, “You are making a huge mistake.” Of course, you need to say it respectfully.

Another pattern interrupt is to simply ask, “Why are you not interested, given that you will get all of the product’s benefits?” Alternatively, you can simply laugh to automatically get the prospect’s full attention.

5) Presuppose the prospect has agreed to meet you.

This is the best way to get the desired result from the cold call. Presuppositions are powerful tools in NLP and covert hypnosis that allow you make effective embedded commands.

I will show you two ways, in which you can get what you want from the person on the other side of the line. You can ask him straightforwardly, “When is the most convenient time for you to meet me to discuss the benefits the product will bring to your company?”

You can also use presupposition effectively by saying, “Shall we schedule the meeting on Monday or on Tuesday?” This should work effectively as well. Just remember to use a pattern interrupt in again, in case you get a rejection.

Now you know how to use the different NLP techniques more effectively, when making a cold call. Keep learning more to gain enough knowledge and skill to close literally every sale successfully.