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Handheld Carb Counter For Diabetes Management

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you must have been advised to watch your diet. That does not mean that you will have to see all your favorite food walk out of your life. Diabetes is a condition where the body is not able to produce or use insulin properly and this leads to further serious health risks. Carbohydrates like sugar, starches etc have to be converted into energy for daily activities and insulin is the hormone which does that. In fact, there are several dietary guidelines in diabetes like eat different kinds of nutritious food, eat less fat and protein as well as carb counting.

Carb counting is an important factor in managing diabetes and it is worth learning more about it. To understand carb counting and use it effectively, you will have to know what carbs are, how to count carbs as well as how many carbs are required by your body. Many individuals with diabetes take help of carb counting to balance insulin and food. If you eat more carbs the blood glucose level will go up, which will need more insulin to manage the sugar in the cells.

In the system of carb counting, for managing diabetes better, you will have to add up all the carbohydrates in the food you want to eat. A lot of time has to be given to keep track of carbs all through the day. For carb counting, you have to know the amount of carbs present in various kinds of food. You may be thinking how is it possible to remember the amount of carbs present in all the food you eat. But don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize how many carbs a sandwich has, there are several ways of counting carbs in your favorite foods.

Details are mostly given on the food labels, you also get electronic gadgets and diaries which help you keep track of the food you eat. One such help is the Diabetes Diary which offers nutritional information for over 500 food items. It is a convenient pocket sized diary which helps you find out carb, fiber, fat calorie, sodium information etc. for common foods. You can track your diet, exercise, blood glucose levels and medications as well as write down the details in the diabetes diary and its logbook pages.

Track3 is another gadget which aids you in carb counting as it gives the nutrition information on meals and servings. You have the option to monitor exercise, track oral medications and insulin, log in what you eat when as well as note glucose levels. This portable diabetes planner even offers accurate carb counting for the exact serving size of meal you plan to eat. Information can be recorded easily anywhere and anytime. It has carb details for over 6000 foods. This is the calorie counter and nutrition reference which you have been looking for to manage your diabetes. It helps you stick to your goals, track progress, and stay healthy.

Carb counting …

Digital Phone Lines & Credit Card Terminals – Why They Do not Go Together

Does this sound familiar?

Your phone service was recently upgraded from the old style analogue lines to a new, state-of-the-art digital technology. All of your phone calls are now crystal clear. You can get connected to the Internet 100x faster and your e-mail loads in the blink of an eye.

Phone companies are switching their systems to the latest technologies in order to better serve their customers. Out with the old, in with the new.

But, what happened to your credit card terminal? It suddenly does not work as well as it use to, or sometimes not at all. Your business is suddenly at a stand-still.

Ringing a bell yet?

It certainly does for me. I hear it almost every day. Over the past few years this has become a common occurrence. In fact, if I had a quarter for every time I've heard of this problem I could buy a tropical island and build a five star resort, complete with an18 hole mini-golf course.

Here's the problem. Credit card terminals are equipped with "analogue" phone modems. Those modems are built to work with the analogue lines that were just replaced with your new digital service. This probably does not mean much to you. You might be wondering why this should make any difference at all. A phone line is a phone line, right? Well, not exactly …. let me explain.

Analogue modems operate within a band of frequencies between 300 to 3400 hertz. In order for it to function properly, it requires a phone line that also operates within this frequency range. Your digital line speaks an entirely different language. It operates at frequencies between 25khz (kilohertz) and 1.1mhz (megahertz), which is significantly faster than your analogue lines.

These conflicting frequencies create "echoes" or "line noise" when the terminal attempts to dial out to process. Since the terminal's modem does not have the ability to properly adapt and filter out these noises, the communication breaks down and fails. In rare cases, the digital signals can actually overwhelm the terminal's modem, causing it to burn out.

So the question becomes, what can be done to solve this?

There is a device that you can purchase from your local electronics store for about $ 15 – $ 20. It's called a DSL Filter. This handy little gadget will filter out the digital information coming in from your phone lines and send it to your terminal at lower frequencies, effectively spending out the line noise. 98{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189} of the time the filter resolves the problem and our merchants are able to get back to business. There are unfortunately cases where it does not work. For those merchants that fall into that 2{90c905eaca51001bdd05d2b9e50215b66b04dff3fb532a24d541d876dbf9d189}, we offer the following solutions:

  • Contact your phone company and request an analogue phone line be installed. This line will be used only for your credit card terminal
  • If you have a fax at your location, connect a phone line splitter to that wall jack, connect your terminal to one side

Nokia 6288 – It’s Compact & Stylish! Great!

The Nokia 6288 is certainly the most wanted and most adored member of Nokia family. Launched in September 2006, this stunning gadget has a contemporary appearance that gels well with the sophisticated & unique features. Weighing merely 115 g, the 6288 has dimensions of 100 mm x 46 mm x 21 mm. If you are already fascinated by the white or black and the high-gloss finish of this stunning handset, just wait! There’s a lot more that can further escalate your joy of possessing it. The wide display of this handset shows bright colours so you can enjoy great viewing of videos, text, and images. Isn’t it great! The 1600 x 1200 pixel camera integrated in this compact phone lets you record high-quality video. So you can enjoy playing them whenever you want.

This best-equipped handset from Nokia provides a phonebook with 500×16 fields and can keep a track of the last 20 received, dialled, and missed calls each. The 6288 has an internal memory of 6 MB alongwith the MiniSD memory card of 512 MB & can store data at 48 kbps. You have the freedom of swapping memory cards and get the memory extended.

The fitted battery of this phone is rechargeable and provides upto 280 hrs of standby time & approximately 4.5 hrs of talk-time for GSM & upto 3.5 hrs of talktime for WCDMA. The start-up kit that comes with the 6288 consists of a headset, user guide, travel charger, and other accessories.

Now you can stay connected to your family, friends, and colleagues by sending SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, & emails through this contemporary handset from Nokia. If you wish your mobile phone could help you in staying connected to the internet while you are on the move, the 6288 allows you to do that as well! Enjoy browsing through the web, check & send emails whenever you want. This user-friendly & versatile gadget from Nokia has all the features that you might be seeking in your contemporary handset. Go get it now!…

The Modern World of Artificial Intelligence

Technology plays a pivotal role in bringing transitional changes in the lifestyle of humans all over the world. Since ages, men, women, and the technology are deeply associated with each other. The growth in technology also brings our future much closer to us with ever faster speed that we think of it today. The technology is expanding at an exponential rate and hence, No one can predict or guarantee how long your latest gadget or product that you buy from the market few second before will remain in the top technology list.

The extensive growth in the technology has not left any stone unturned to mesmerize the human experience. Every stage and state of the industry in which we work today has been reshaped fundamentally through technology, which emerged drastically in the second half of the 20th century. With the advent of the internet, the technology has broken all the boundaries and perception of the people all over the world.

This revolution is also believed to be powerful tool that is capable enough so that in the upcoming days Computers and the technology will soon become more intelligent than us. The technological development opens new possibilities whereby the daily life of people became more comfortable, healthy, understandable, safe, fun and independent. The latest technologies also provide us, the assistance in terms of energy-friendly and sustainable solutions that helps in improving the environment in which we are living.

The rampant intensification in Technology has moved much ahead from merely making our lives more convenient. In addition, to this, it has the potential to change every aspect of what we think as humans. Due to this, we have become transhuman.

What Is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is said to be an intellectual movement that aims to comprehend what makes one human, and how we can go beyond our natural limitations. In short it is a phase that transform human in which we behavior and condition through developing its physical, and psychological capacities with the growth of available sophisticated technologies.

The growing usage of technology has also changed the mankind in regards to the ability to perform in any situation. The rapid use of latest technology also makes a man and woman smarter. Furthermore, the faster rate of technology transfer in this digital world also explores how quickly our younger generation is adopting this technology in this age than those who were born few years earlier. The advancement of new technologies provides us a better way of communication and excellent usage of entertainment for making our life more enjoyable.…

The Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Wireless Microphone

Wireless microphones have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The following discussion will tackle these data on lapel microphones, videoke microphones, and professional-grade wireless microphones.

Performers, especially dynamic ones, can do away with entangling cables that may even cause them to trip. They can move about the stage without worrying about not being heard. The wireless microphone is actually a technical misnomer because it still uses wires. The “wireless” in the term actually refers to the cable which connects the device to the amplifier. Various technologies are used to establish this transmission without the standard cable. Some of these devices use infrared light much similar to the technology used in remote controls. The most common ones use radio waves transmitted through UHF, VHF, Fm, Am, and many other modulation frequencies.

One of the advantages of a wireless microphone is, as we have mentioned, the freedom of movement it affords the performer or speaker. You can do also away with the most common problem of cabling (especially for dated cables) which is the internal wires breaking their connection once in a while causing the sound to come out intermittently.

The disadvantage of these wireless gizmos is that their ranges are limited to a radius of 300 ft (100 m), although the high-end models can beat this range easily. Interference from and with other radio equipment or other wireless microphones cannot be avoided although the latest models come with synthesized frequencies that can be switched to other channels.

They have a limited operation time because they rely on batteries for their power supply. There are some areas wherein noise is generated while in some areas there are dead spots. The number of units functioning at the same area at the same time is limited to the number of radio channels the devices are capable of.

The wireless system is composed of an input gadget, a radio transmitter, & a receiver. The input gadget, which is a microphone, supplies the audio signal. The signal is then sent by the transmitter and received by the receiver.

These microphones can be grouped into handheld and body pack. The handheld units are much like the regular microphone except that instead of a cable it has a battery pack & a transmitter. The body pack microphone is composed of a box as small as a deck of cards. It is clipped on close to the user’s body. It can either be connected to a headset mike, a lapel mike, or to an instrument such as a guitar.…

Introduction of a PDA in a Restaurant

A PDA — personal digital assistant — is a system that makes it possible to increase to overall productivity of an organization. A restaurant is only one place where the tool could be used. The introduction of a PDA in a restaurant will impact the organization in various ways.

There are many (business) functions and many different PDA’s, and a restaurant requires one that uses:

  • A simple product or service catalog
  • An order unit that is able to accept the order of a client
  • A communicating function that delivers the order to the kitchen
  • Billing information that summarizes the order details and send these to the cashier

The PDA will have to communicate with other systems or with other agents in the organization. In the first place with the kitchen, but also with the bar. Both communications can only be achieved by establishing an interface. If both organizations also operate with systems these interfaces will have to integrate both the PDA and the other system. Otherwise the interface may be a simple user-interface; like a printer that is able to print the order from the client.

The ticket will be used as a work order and after the kitchen order is finished for this client the agent (the waiter) will be informed. In this case the interface can be as simple a OK-sign marked with a pen on the printed order.

In the same way the bar will sign-off drinks that has been “delivered” at the bar and distributed by the waiters. A simple paper interface will be sufficient here.

The data in the system will change from “order” to “transaction” once the orders have been delivered. Once the clients have finished their consumption the transactions from their table and served by the waiter will be summarized and sent to the cashier. This is where the last client-function is processed.

The impact of the PDA in this organization results mainly in:

  • Interfaces. First of all the interface between the client and the waiter entering the data, but also the interface between the PDA and the kitchen, bar and cashier. Starting with the most simple interface would be recommendable as interfaces add much complexity in business. Printing is a simple and effective interface.
  • Information management: prices, product details and catalogs need to be updated on a daily bases.
  • Resource management. Not all waiters will like this type of work, where the younger generation will fancy this new gadget. Implement the technology without pressure, starting with who wants. When hiring new employees, PDA experience could be an extra benefit (or selection criteria).
  • Relation with the client. Some clients will be offended, especially when there is a problem and the waiter is lost with the tool. Such incidents should be managed accurately: “what to do when the technology fails?”

This last aspect is one that seems minor but in the end will bring the biggest change. The style of your business / organization. Technology could transform your business — in this case — …

Gifts For Him That Will Last A Lifetime

Gifts for him are always tricky as you want something that he will actually use and appreciate, and the regular old tie and socks just doesn’t cut it year after year. Men like practical gifts that they can utilise without feeling they need to just to please the buyer. They like gifts to indulge their hobbies, to help them at work or simply just to make life easier. They are the gadget lovers, the gizmo crazy and will appreciate anything that they can show off to their friends. Beer, chocolate and clothing will be well received but these things don’t last. This year get him gifts that will stand the test of time and that he will use regularly to make it worth your while too.

If he is into gardening then why not treat him to some high quality gardening tools? You can make these extra special personalising them with an engraving, so the next time he lends them to the neighbours they’ll have no choice but to hand them back and they will take pride of place on the wall in his shed! Perhaps he is a golf fanatic, in which case a set of personalised clubs are a dream come true. Admittedly they don’t come cheap but if they bear his name you can be guaranteed that he will treat them like gold dust and they honestly will last a lifetime. You could even go for personalised club covers, which are sure to elicit green eyed glares from his fellow putters.

For the business man, an engraved business card holder is a very useful and attractive gift. It will sit proudly on his desk bearing the inscription of your choice whilst simultaneously serving a purpose. An engraved letter opener is another useful item and practical office gifts for him like this will always be more of a success in the long time than a bottle of whiskey for the desk.

Cufflinks are a great accessory for any man, they scream smart and savvy and can also be personalised. They can be themed, such as the football cufflinks and golfing varieties, or they can be engraved with the owner’s initials. Quality cufflinks like these will last a lifetime and can be passed on through generations as they cannot possibly go out of fashion.

If your man enjoys a tipple be it whiskey, vodka, wine or cognac, why not buy him some personalised tumblers, champagne flutes or goblets. Glasses like these will hold pride of place beside his decanter and can bear any engraved message you like or even just the recipient’s name.

Gifts like these will always trump the novelty gifts such as socks, ties and chocolates as they will be well preserved and taken care of. Any man will appreciate something more if it bears his name as it is instantly a unique gift. Be sure to take into consideration, his hobbies and interest first though and whether or not the gifts for him you are considering …

5 Advantages Of Mini Cranes

Heavy lifting is involved in many industries and the way you cope with that can really make a difference in your business. Mini cranes are one of the options you can use when it comes to heavy lifting and what an option it is! When thinking of lifting weights, a large crane or a hydraulic jack comes to mind and you picture this huge metal thing in a construction site or someone pumping the handle of a jack to raise stuff from the floor. These mini ones we only picture in a fiction movie. But they are real and can sometimes have the functions of a little robot and as it turns out they have so many advantages that make them really worthy.

Mini cranes are truly an amazing new idea for lifting and anyone that had experience with them can point their many advantages. Here are just a few of their useful features:

* They have multiple power options – This means that you can operate them with gas, diesel or electricity. This is a great advantage and makes them applicable in different situations. If you do not want to buy gas or diesel and have all that messy work done, changing oil, cleaning them etc., you can simply plug them in an electric outlet at have them operate.

* Remote control operation – what an amazing feature! This is what we see in fiction movies – a little crane, much like a robot that has this heavy duty work done for us and all that is needed is a remote control. These little guys can go in places we cannot go and lift enormous weights, not to mention that the heavy crane or a hydraulic jack would be inapplicable in some of those places. Just control them with the remote and work in confined spaces or even underground.

* Easy transportation and high maneuverability – these gadgets are so easily transported and can be placed even underground as we mentioned before and they are so maneuverable that even the hardest place to reach and the toughest load to raise is a no-brainer for them.

* Advanced safety – the safety when operating such devises is of utmost importance, because you are dealing with tons of weights and feeling secure with one of those is great.

* Small footprint – the greatest advantage of all – no hydraulic jack or cane has gone places where the small fellow can go.

Use small cranes for your business and make lifting weights safer and easier. There is no place this small gadget cannot go and buying it you will save money, for you will not need an expensive heavy crane anymore.…

Is Your Headphone Jack Plug Giving You Problems?

You are doing your favorite activity and listening to music on your headphones. Suddenly the music just stops or its interrupted with a loud crackle. How annoying! Weather it is your old Sony Walkman, MP3 player, new Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad or your lovely laptop, the thought of an audio malfunction could be shocking. Most likely your audio interruption is caused by a problem with your Headphone Jack Plug.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that count. With all the complicated circuitry and programs going on inside today’s audio capable gadgets, it may be the common headphone jack that causes the most problems. A set of headphones and the headphone jack gives us the capability auditory interaction with today’s popular electronic devices. Depending on the type, a headphone jack costs anywhere from a fraction of a dollar to a few dollars. That is why it can be very frustrating when you realize you may have paid hundreds of dollars for an electro-gadget that doesn’t work because of a relatively cheap!

The term headphone jack or headphone plug refers to both male and female metal connectors that come in various sizes. The most common sizes are a 6.35mm or 1/4″ jack, 3.5mm miniature jack and a 2.5mm sub-miniature jack. The malfunction of a simple headphone jack can be a big headache.

There are a few different causes for its malfunction. The female part of a headphone jack is most prone to causing a failure because it us an opening into the inner circuitry of any device that has one. Allowing sand, dust or water to get inside could cause a problem. Some of today’s latest audio devices have a “moisture” detection sensor. If liquid or excessive moisture gets inside the headphone jack, a small LED light will change from white to red to indicate unacceptable moisture levels. Such indication may cause the device to shut down in an attempt to avoid further damage. Another common cause of headphone jack failure is a bad connection do to the spreading of the internal metal contacts. This is the reason for most repair requests or returns for MP3s, cell phones and iPods. It has been noted as one of the most discouraging problems for audio technicians. Technicians have stated that it is a shame that such beautifully designed devices fail because of a jack malfunction.

So, what can be done to avoid and/or repair a problem with headphone jacks? If you think dirt or dust got into the jack, you could try blowing out the jack hole. You can blow into the hole yourself or buy a can of compressed air commonly sold in electronic and computer stores that are made specifically for cleaning electronic devices. If you think liquid or moisture got into the hole, just let it sit for a while in a dry warm place for a couple of days, the device might dry out and begin working properly. If none of these works and your device is under warranty, send it …

Introduction to Ball Weights

Why Use Ball Weights

The purpose of the scrotum is to keep sperm at their best, which is done by keeping the testicles at a lower temperature than the body. The muscles in the groin area allow the testicles to hang down which will help cool down the body. Not only is there a medical reason for the scrotum to hang down, but it is also pleasing for the male. He can feel the sensation, which is very nice therefore stretching the scrotum, will allow the sensation to stay for a longer period of time. Some men even prefer the look of their scrotum stretched.

Many use ball weights as they not only stretch the scrotum but also many have reported the penis has grown in both girth and length for using ball weights.

Methods of Stretching

The best way of course is to use ball weights. The weights should fit properly which means it should be comfortable without slipping off. In order to do this, you must use ball weights that have the largest diameter but will not easily slip off. The collar of the weights should fit accurately or you will not achieve any success.

Sizes of Ball Weights

Most ball weights are offered in different sizes which includes 10mm, 14mm, 28mm, 42mm, 45mm, 56mm, 60mm, and 90mm. Some weights come in pairs and are attached above the testicles. Of course, these are only examples of sizes; you can find several different types of ball weights all offering various sizes.

Time It Takes to Stretch the Scrotum

Some have reported their scrotum has stretched after only a few weeks with noticeable improvement when the body is hot and the scrotum is dangling a tad bit lower. On the other hand, most report improvement after around six months of stretching.

Types of Ball Weights

The two-piece weight created from surgical steel offers an external diameter of 62mm along with the sizes mentioned above.

The two piece round 2-piece created from surgical steel offers a set screw that can be adjusted using the Allen key that is provided. The sizes include 10mm thick bar x 35mm inside, 10mm thick bar x 40mm inside, 15mm thick bar x 30mm inside, 15mm thick bar x 32mm inside, 15mm thick bar x 34 inside, 15mm thick bar x 36mm inside, and 15mm thick bar x 39 inside.

The 35mm leather weight is soft and warm instead of using a hard metal. The weight offers a snap so the size can be just a bit different from 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inside.

The Leather ball stretching kit is perfect for the beginner. The ball weights included are 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 2 Inches, 2 1/2 Inches, 3 Inches, and 4 Inches. These offer a buckle on every ball weight to add more weight.

The large heavy weight is for those that have been stretching for awhile. The weight can be attached to either a surgical steel or leather ball weight to add …