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The Benefits of Using Computers

Computers have become an important part in homes, businesses and the society. There are many people who use computers in their daily lives either for gaming, programming, for prepress equipment, learning new applications or for CTP work. Computers can either be purchased as desktop units or as laptops which makes it quite convenient to use. Laptop computers even enable people to use it whether they are lying on the bed, waiting for a train at the train station or sitting in a restaurant. With the different kinds of computers available, there are also many different brands to choose from. No matter which type or brand of computer an individual uses, computers have become really important in the lives of people and is a great tool in helping people to broaden their knowledge on a wide range of subjects such as information technology, computer studies, word processing, internet and so on.

Computers are simply wonderful machines and everyone depends on it in one way or the other. The applications and programs that these machines offer are benefiting the society either directly or indirectly. The benefits include creating information technology employments, opening communication methods, safety features for automobiles, using for diagnosing patients, predicting weather patterns and calculating data sets. Many small to large businesses nowadays are using computers as a way of storing information and managing their daily activities.

As new applications are being discovered frequently, more employment is created. Apart from businesses, most of the homes have computers and as problems arise with the machines, more and more professionals are needed to deal with the issues. In this world, computers have also become an important part in the lives of children. Nowadays, children are more interested in exploring the benefits computers offer and are eager to learn new technology. In the near future, due to their growing interest in computers, there will not be shortages in information technology labor force in the society.

Computers, games and technology have major influence and are enlightening the lives of children these days. These children will be able to perform well in areas of social learning, academic learning and development. Children of even three years of age love to play computer games, activities and can perform simple typing commands. Computers offer a lot to kids in terms of learning spellings and correcting their mistakes. With the support of parents and teachers, kids are able to improve their skills and learn more about technology.

Many kids love to play games on computer which improves their speed and alertness. Games such as soccer teach them rules of the games while games such as virtual villagers enable them to stay attentive and take the appropriate action in maintaining the health and well being of the tribe. Moreover, many kids and adults use computers and internet for social networking, searching for information on the web and for many other purposes. It all helps them to develop good communication skills, computer skills and makes them learn new things almost everyday. …

Five Important Functions of Antivirus Software for MAC

A system which is a constant need to be connected to the Internet is not always secure. The internet is a breeding ground of viruses, malware, Trojans and other malicious codes. These threats do not only have the capability to slow down computers or alter the way computers work but they also have the capabilities to hack users’ information and worse, totally make a computer system crash. MAC computers, despite expensive, have a strong number of followers due to its resistance and capacity to withstand virus attacks. However, as complex MAC’s system is, hackers are always attempting to invent new codes that could keep up with MAC’s complexity, thus the need to install effective and efficient antivirus software that is completely compatible with MAC.

Choosing The Appropriate Mac Antivirus Software

Although MAC exceeds Windows when it comes to being resistant to viruses, MAC systems still have the need to be protected from these threats. Listed below is the compiled list of important functions that good antivirus software should provide to MAC users.

1) Be Familiar With The Level Of Protection

Of course, becoming aware of what sites you visit and what data you download are good ways to avoid encountering viruses. However, becoming aware alone will not protect you and your system from a virus attack. Especially, if you enable some application extensions which allow your computer to open or download files automatically. Because of this, there is a need to have an OS X antivirus software that will protect your system from viruses, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses and other malicious codes. Make sure that the antivirus software you choose offers services such as email in scanning, antiphishing, antirootkit, firewall protection and complete web protection. All these aspects should also be provided to a MAC system.

2) Efficiency And Impact

Viruses are made to adapt and keep up with the security features and complexity of computer systems. Viruses are now more complex than ever, thus the need to opt for the best antivirus that is not only fast in updating but is also fast in tracking and blocking viruses. The software should be able to block viruses even before they attack.

3) Three Essential Features

Three necessities that antivirus software should have are the secure quarantine, a history log and a scan scheduler. These will help you by analyzing first the data that is infected instead of deleting it right away. This will give you the chance to recover important data, clean it and use it again. Scans should be done either thoroughly or quickly, to give users the ease and convenience.

4) Convenience In Functionality

MAC systems are known to be fast and good antivirus software that are fit for MAC’s system should be able to not stall the computer’s speed. They should provide automatic scanning but should not slow down the computer.

5) Support System

MAC’s security is based on prevention. Their systems are really hard to crack and they are famously known for being resistant and tough …

How to Fix Runtime Error 7 – "Out of Memory"

Runtime error 7 is a common error which shows at random times on your PC. It shows the "Out Of Memory" message – and consequentially stops your software / processes from running. The error itself is not actually caused by a general lack of memory, but a simple problem with one of the DLL files of your system – FM20.dll. This file is used on a number of Windows applications to help with a number of different functions on your PC, but it is sometimes used in a continuous "loop", leading your PC to become unable to read the file as it loses too much memory.

This error will typically appear in this format:

  • Runtime Error "7": Out of Memory

In order to fix Runtime Error 7, you need to be able to repair the various problems which are causing it to show up. Not many people know this – buy this error is predominately caused by an issue with the FM20.dll file on your system being unable to run correctly. This causes the various applications which require the file to continuously loop – using up more & more memory on your system. The steps to resolve this error are to first stop the FM20.dll file from running, and then correct any issues on your software / Windows system which may be contributing to the error.

The first step is to remove FM20.dll from your application or if you're a user. This is vitally important as it means that if you're looking to get the most out of your PC, you need to ensure that everything is working as smoothly as possible. After you've done that, you should then remove the comctl32.ocx file from your PC, as this may also be causing some problems that could lead to the runtime 7 error. This file is used to control various aspects of your software, and is used by many programs on Windows. Unregistering & then replacing the file will refresh it and allow it to run properly again.

You also need to clean out the registry of your PC. This is a central database which stores vital settings & information for Windows, and is what allows your computer to "remember" a huge number of important details for your PC. Although this database is arguably one of the most important parts of all Windows systems, it's also causing many problems for your system – including DLL & runtime errors. In order to ensure the registry is 100% operational, you need to be able to use a registry cleaner program to automatically scan through your system and fix the various errors that are inside. …

ATM Machines – A Technology That Has Changed Society

Before the advent of ATM machines, people had to visit a bank to do their banking. It was not unusual to see a line of people waiting outside a bank on any particular morning, waiting for the bank to open. Once inside people still had to wait in another line, until a bank teller would single them over to see how they could help them complete their transactions.

Face-to-face banking, in all probability will continue to be a service that some people will rely on or even favor. But as the banking industry continues to use technology to streamline services as seen with the introduction of ATM machines and online banking. The need for people to wait in long lines, and frustrated by long delays, just to do banking in a face-to-face manner will surly become a thing of the pass, as banking services evolves to accommodate a changing industry.

I hope we never return to the days prior to the introduction of the ATM machines or online banking. Because. For me the worst thing about banking is when the ATM network is down for a few micro-seconds, or when an ATM machine is so primitive that it requires that I manually enter my pin-number. But now that I reflect on what customers have to tolerate when visiting a bank just to make a deposit or withdrawal. I can say without trepidation that I just love that ATM machine and love online banking.

I can access my account anytime from any computer or make any conceivable type of transaction from anywhere in the world while sitting in front of a computer. Or Use my cell-phone to make deposits directly into my checking account, by simply taking a picture of a check (front and back) that I wish to deposit. The software application on my cell-phone uploads the pictures to my checking account, and then credits the funds to my checking account.

So the next time an ATM machine owners that I enter my pin-number, instead of just getting it directly from the magnetic strip on the back of my card, I will be moderate with my vocal expressions. And when confronted with Windows XP or the blue screen of death on the display of an ATM machine, I will not get all bent out-of-shape and start making references about all the documented security issues of using Windows XP on ATM machines.

I will simply move on to the next machine, and as I make that journey I will be thinking about the days when people had to wait until the next business day to access their bank accounts. While waiting in long lines to do face-to-face banking between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. I will consider myself lucky that all I have to do is just walk down to the next ATM machine. (On a Sunday afternoon.) …

Is It Better to Add or Subtract EQ When Mixing Music?

Many home studio producers and studio recording engineers who know how to mix music have learned to equalise their music over time, will know that EQ is a crucial tool for creating a balanced mix that represents the music best and is pleasing to the ear. And the listener will want to listen to time and again. So getting the balance right and knowing when to subtract or add equalization is vital. And EQ is often overused.

Equalization or EQ is basically the volume of frequency ranges within a piece of music. Starting with sub bass and bass as the low frequency ranges, lo-mid hi-mid and presence range are next up and then come the high frequencies, some of which we cannot hear. Human ears are particularly sensitive to the mid and hi-mid or presence range as this is where speech lies in the frequencies.

If music is harsh or tiring on the ears then this means the mid range has been accentuated too much.

Another common error is too much bass which leads to ‘woolly’ or muddy mixes. So it is a delicate balance to strike to get all the elements of a track, song or piece of music heard as you intend when you are mastering how to mix music.

A common strategy is to do additive equalization (EQ) to bring out come frequencies or sounds within an instrument or track. This effectively means you are turning up the volume of a part of the instruments sound or overall within the piece of music. You can see the effects of this on some stereo hi-fi systems with EQ settings or even in computer software such as Winamp and Windows Media Player. So if adding EQ in music is essentially increasing the volume of a frequency range, it is important to be aware that this will affect the balance of the harmonics or overtones of the sound. And apparently with many plug in software EQ devices, this can also result in distortion or phasing issues (where the frequencies can start to cancel each other out or negatively affect each other in other weird and wonderful ways).

And subtractive EQ in music – where you basically are taking out some frequencies or turning them down – can also cause phasing issues. But I tend to try to go for subtractive instead of additive where possible as I feel is less harsh or tiring for the ears and can leave room for other instruments or frequencies to breathe. For example, if a vocal track is not cutting through the guitar in a singer songwriter song, I will first try carving out some of the mid frequencies from the guitar rather than adding more mid range frequencies to the vocal track.

So, before you reach to turn up frequencies to get them to be more present in the mix or more prominent, perhaps try taking away some frequencies from the parts that are overshadowing or in conflict with those frequencies. Of course …

Handheld Barcode Scanner Review – You Must Read This Before Buying a Handheld Barcode Scanner!

Handheld Barcode Scanner is one of the most recent innovation in making POS or point of sale scans as well as to instantly gain access to specific files in a database. So how exactly does a Handheld barcode scanner work? This contraption comes equipped with a light source, light sensor and a lens which is responsible for interpreting the optical impulses to electrical impulses. It reads the barcode image as the light flashes on it and transmits the interpretation to the output center, commonly a computer screen or a cash register.

Among the most common brands in the market for the Handheld Barcode Scanners nowadays are Symbol, Metrologic, Wasp, Adesso, TS, PSC, CCD, CK1, Intermec, Trakker, Datalogic, Standard and Informatics. Though there are a number of brands available, they come with different features for each piece. The weight alone varies, some weigh as little as 9 ounces while others weigh up to 3 pounds. Some are slim while others are more bulky, there are also some which are connected by USB ports and wires while others are wireless and are connected via Bluetooth. For Handheld Barcode Scanners which are wireless, the hand held scanner is powered by a battery; Each fully charged battery can scan up to 20,000 scans or can stay on for up to 30 hours. The standard line or range is one hundred and sixty feet; Although for some models, there is still room to be able to scan and store outside these lines for one to twelve inches away from the boundary by using the memory mode. For those models which are connected with wires to a station, these can normally extend for up to 5 feet which makes moving it around easier than that with a very short cord. These hand held scanners are now more commonly featured with a plug and play feature via a USB plug; This will enable one to instantly connect the scanner to the port station without having to install it with a separate software.

If one is to consider purchasing one of these, there are a few factors to consider to be able to make a wise decision. They would have to first identify the purpose of its use for them to be able to make the right decision. The first thing to consider should be what type of bar code will be scanned; There are two types; The 1 Dimensional and the 2 Dimensional barcode. A one dimensional barcode is that which is most common; These come in a series of vertical bars of different densities that forming a rectangle. However, for codes which require more information, these are the 2 Dimensional barcodes which looks quite different and may seem like a small pattern, sometimes come in boxed images. The orientation of how the barcode will be scanned is another factor; The most common Handheld Barcode Scanner is the one which has linear beams; This is only effective when the scanner has been positioned to be perpendicular to …

7 Top Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade the Memory For Your Computer

Are you dissatisfied with the way your computer works at a snail’s pace? Do you have trouble running several programs at a time in a multitasking Operating System like Windows? Does it take ages for your computer to run programs? Can you take a coffee break while your computer opens an icon that you double-clicked? Do games and other resource-intensive programs frequently crash on your computer? If your answer to all these questions is a YES, then you need to think about upgrading your computer.

Upgrading your computer is not a joke, as random upgrades can be quite expensive. A processor upgrade frequently involves upgrading several other components to keep in pace with changes in technology and could be one of the most expensive options. Upgrading other components like graphics card or sound card alone is also not the optimal solution as performance improvement is limited to these areas alone.

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to upgrade the memory in your computer:

1. Cost-Performance Benefit – The upgrade cost versus performance boost ratio is greatest for a memory upgrade as compared to other component upgrades.

2. Programs Run Faster – The availability of RAM can speed up programs and save significant time hitherto wasted while waiting for a response from the computer.

3. Better Multitasking – Multitasking environments like Windows rely heavily on memory to function and increasing memory can provide better performance especially with concurrently running programs.

4. Enhanced Entertainment – Gaming and streaming media applications can benefit tremendously in both performance and speed by a memory upgrade.

5. Advanced Hardware and Software – With increase in memory capacity by upgrading, newer hardware and software components that went hitherto unused due to less memory can now be used.

6. Delay Costlier Upgrades – Memory upgrades to improve performance can defer other upgrades like processor upgrade that necessitate greater expense through a major revamp of the computer.

7. Improvement in Data Access Speed – Greater amount of RAM can improve the speed at which the processor does data access and significantly increase the speed of execution.…

Managing Your Audio Book Collection With Your Computer

Many of us lauded the invention of digital cameras because now we could take as many pictures as we wanted to without fear of having to develop multiple rolls of film – for a great expense. But with this new technology, it seems we can’t stop taking pictures. And those pictures keep piling up on our computers, rarely seen and rarely sorted. With the new invention of audio books and the digital files for these, your audio book collection has the same chance of being lost on your computer, never fully utilized. Instead of wasting money on books you never read, maybe it’s time to organize your files in a more productive manner.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out your computer’s memory is all filled up. You might want to download an audio book to your audio book collection, but can not because you have too much on your hard drive. Instead of getting out yet another flash drive (that you might lose too easily), it’s time to check your computer’s memory to make sure it can store your audio books. In a PC, go to the Computer Menu and then click on the hard drive you are using for storage – usually C. Right click on this folder and then you will see the disk space you have left. If you have too much of your computer’s hard drive filled up, your computer will run too slowly and you will have troubles adding any more audio books to your personal collection.

Organize the Books You Already Have

With audio book organizer software, you can easily manage your audio book collection on your computer. This software will allow you to sort your titles by title or by author or even genre. In doing so, you might begin to see some audio files that you don’t necessarily want to keep. When you see these files, you can then choose to delete them, giving you more room for even more audio books. This software can also help you to find audio book files on your computer if you haven’t saved them all in one location – a common mistake for new computer users. The catalog you create with this software can be easily updated as you see fit, while also allowing you the opportunity to see what books you might still want to purchase and download.

With your audio book collection under control, you can take full advantage of this wonderful technology. Whether you listen to your books on a CD or on an mp3 player, you will always know what books you have available and what you still need to ‘read’ when you have free time during a workout or a drive home from work. Instead of ‘losing your books to disorganization, let your computer do all the work. Sure, you might need to input some information at first, but when that’s done; the audio book software will organize it and arrange it in …

A Data Scientist Is More Successful When He Is A Skillful Story Teller

These days business houses are stockpiling a huge amount of data which is often considered as the precious asset for the companies. It is surprising to know that more than 90% of the data which is available in nowadays has been generated in the last two years. In earlier days, due to the scant knowledge, the companies didn’t know how to extract the meaningful and relevant information from this stored data. But the advent of data analytics has successfully bridged the gap between the company and this unpolished data.

So, it can be concluded that the data analytics has completely changed the vision of the companies and by using the comprehensive business analytics, the companies can take the right decisions which will help them to surpass their contenders. Hence, the organizations are accentuating on data analysis which is extracted from raw data by specialized computer programs and are cultivating their employees regarding how to accustom and publicize the information that they are getting from these organized data.

Since the importance of data analytics is burgeoning day by day, hence the companies are appointing the sagacious professionals who will provide the company with the wider insights of the structured data. A data scientist will be responsible for designing and implementing various processes and different layouts for the intricate and large-scale datasets that are basically used for modelling, data mining, and various research purposes.

What are the core responsibilities of a data scientist? Why they became an integral part of every business?

Need to take care of those data which affect the organization most: A data scientist’s core job is to identify the most relevant data which will help the organization to make the right decisions so that they can proliferate their business and growth. A data scientist usually dives into the pool of data and with his expertise and knowledge, he used to find all the imperative information and ignores other irrelevant data so that the company can take the apt decisions quickly. Suppose a company deals with mobile phones, then they should try to find out who are using their phones currently? How can they find more users like them? Only a pedantic data scientist can answer these questions and hence, the companies are employing more data scientists into their core team.

Need to present data in such a way that anyone can understand it: Though a data scientist should be well-equipped with all the technical and machine languages like R, Python, etc., but he should present the data in a facile and simpler way so that even a layman can understand the insight from the data. A data scientist should never show a regression analysis or a plot from R because only a few people have an adequate knowledge regarding these. Rather he should present the data in a story telling way which consists of simple slides and visuals instead of numbers. Visualizing and communicating data are equally important, specially for the nascent companies who are making the data-driven …

Wireless Network Security

Why Use Security?

If someone is able to wireless connect to your network from the road, near by parking lot, or adj. House here are some things to consider. If they use your Internet connection for illegal activity, YOU areiable, not them. Also, once they are on your network, they may be able to open, delete, or change every file on your computers. There is also the possibility that the unauthorized user could spread viruses without them even realizing it.

So What Should I Do?

There are many ways to secure your connection. We are focusing on wireless security, so we will make a simple adjustment to your router. The simplest way to secure your connection is by using WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol). Before I go any further, many hackers can find ways around this protection. It is not the best choice for large businesses (over 100 employees), but for home and small business users, this will work just fine.

Step 1 (Configure router):

Depending on your router, the specifics of this step will differ. You need to log into your router. This is done by opening your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.) and putting the IP address of the router in the address bar (the address bar is where you type web sites such as This IP address will either be or; If you are unsure try both. Once you type the correct one in (and press 'Enter'), a pop-up will ask you for your user name and password. If you have never changed your password, then a default was set for you by the manufacturer. This is not the same user name and password as your computer or Internet Service Provider. If you do not know your default password, find it by clicking here.

Once logged in, look for the wireless section. This is often a button or tab found on the main page. For DLink routers there will be a button on the left menu. Now look for wireless security. For DLink routers it will be on this page. You should see a drop-down-menu. Select WEP (you may also see other choices such as WAP). Depending on your router, you will see some or all of these options. Set them as follows:

Authentication: Open

WEP Encryption: 64bit

Key Type: Hex


The above 'Key' is your wireless network password. Anyone that uses your wireless connection will need to know it. Normally, you are only required to put it in your computer once and then it will remember it.

Step 2 (Computer Setup):

Now go to your wireless computer and try to connect to the network, it will ask you for the key. Enter it just as you did in the router.

Step 3 (Advanced Security):

If you would like more security then you can change some of the other options in the router. For example, instead of 64bit choose 128bit. Or instead of HEX choose ASCII. All …