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Day: June 5, 2019

Promoting Your Website – The Guru's Mantra

Well, so you have decided that you are going to develop a website and want to do business with it. And the questions which are tinkling in your mind are how you can promote it? Or how people will know about your website?

The first step obviously your decision to go for it, which you already have taken. The next step is to build your website and here these things you must consider. If you are developing it of your own, you must take care of these. Or if you are developing it through any vendor, you must specifically ask for these features.

1. Website title: Your website title must be dynamic, so that it can address the content of the page. Or in other words in every page a part of page title should change. Like the contact us page can have title like your 'company name – contact us' while about us page can have title like 'company name – about us'.

2. Website URL: All URL shall be search engine friendly. Avoid query string in URL. If you are using Linux-Apache, then a simple htaccess file can do the trick. It is called mod rewrite. If you are hosting in windows server, the same thing exists there too. I must give you an example for better understanding. Say you have a product listing page and when anyone clicks on the product listing page then the detail page appears and the URL which carries the product number for the identification of product. Using mod rewrite you can easily omit the query string part to pass it internally.

3. Try to make the URL always in lower case.

4. Put as much as text content as you can. All images of the page must have descriptive alternative names.

5. Avoid flash as much as you can.

6. Try to minimize number of images.

7. Avoid background pictures.

8. Use Meta tags and Meta keywords and Meta description should have higher density keywords. You can judge the keyword density using many online keyword selector tools.

9. And last but not the least. The content of your website should be rich enough to address the context. Mind it, content is what will help you to retain potential customer.

Now you have your website ready and you are ready for promoting it. Here you must know how search engine works? A search engine crawl or spiders your page and the based on site content it indexes your website against the keyword. Like if its gets any keyword mobile phone then it puts your website URL, title against the keyword mobile phone in its database. Some search engine like google, MSN crawls automatically where some needs manual submission. It is important for you to get higher rankings in search engine as generally people psychology never lets them to search more than twenty results at a time. So, if any body types the keyword mobile phone in any search engine, you must end in …

Apple iPhone – No Doubts in Quality

The arrival of iPhones of Apple Inc. has been a real storm in the telecommunications sector. As with any product, Apple Inc. from the consumer market holds much expectation on iPhone. Thanks to the high-end technology and elegant features, iPhones succeeded to win the hearts. The Multimedia and Internet enabled Quad band GSM phone supports EDGE called iPhone, Apple Inc. 29th in June 2007 in the USA

Apple, known for technological innovations and developments, it was not prepared, at the goodwill of the time. It is clear from just one glance at iPhone. The Apple iPhone comes with a built-in camera function and a portable media player, which is really intriguing. The digital camera provides the user the perfect images of excellent quality. It is possible to use for the shoot, record, store and send pictures, w is an element of fun into it.

Together with him, iPhone also has the functions of SMS and visual voicemail that things more benefit to the user. The audience of Apple comes with an attractive slimline casing, which is more impressive. The user can easily and comfortably the tasks, including e-mail, web browsing and local Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also possible for him to do functions such as conferencing, call hold, call merge Caller ID, and the integration with other cellular network functions with the help of Apple iPhones.

The Apple iPhone is a feature of Visual Voice Mail assists the user in viewing a list of current voice-mail messages on the screen, without requiring a call to the voice mail. It is also possible for him to hear and delete messages in a non-chronological order by selecting them from a list on the screen. This feature is not available in most of the phones. The latest ringtone, the iPhone on 5 September, 2007, makes it possible for the user to create custom ring tones from the iTunes Music purchased for a small fee. The ringtones are between 3 to 30 seconds long a part of a song that can input and output. …