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Day: January 3, 2019

YouTube Marketing – Can It Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

Online video is essentially dominating the internet, and businesses are striving to keep abreast with this trend and promote their brand. YouTube is a great platform that businesses can effectively utilize to promote their messages. It is important to be aware that most people visit YouTube for the primary purpose of entertainment and therefore businesses must create and publish YouTube videos that are entertaining enough.

Video marketing has been adopted by many famous brands such as Sony Mobile and Jamie Oliver's Food Tube, which are taking advantage of YouTube's mammoth audience base to engage with their potential customers. Compared to other traditional search engine optimization strategies, videos in your SEO plan can maximize your outreach and attract more number of customers. Let us consider how YouTube fits into an effective search engine optimization plan.

YouTube Marketing for Business Success

Video SEO based on YouTube analytics essentials, can play a solid role in deciding the success of your marketing strategy. According to this report that quotes Chris Clarke, chief creative officer at DigitasLBi, the agency that produces YouTube content for Sony Mobile, YouTube remains the largest and best video site on the web. However, brands are not leveraging YouTube talent in the best way. Brands need to provide content that operates in the ways YouTube and its communities operate. Only then can they make the best of YouTube marketing.

Although challenging, businesses can choose from the many promotion options available on this popular video channel. Pre-roll ads that run before videos and are skippable can be created. This is an economic option since the advertiser needs to pay only when someone watches the ad for at least 30 seconds. There is also the option of buying ads that appear at the bottom of the screen during video or buying display advertising on the site.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider YouTube marketing.

  • Absolutely free and easy to upload your video in YouTube and share it with others.
  • No need to spend on web servers to store your video, as it is possible to host it directly through YouTube.
  • YouTube easily accelerates the broadcast of the video and helps to reach out to a massive crowd.

Find the Perfect YouTube Tool

YouTube provides powerful tools which you can use to create excellent content, share content, build a strong fan base and effectively market your brand.

  • YouTube Capture : This enables you to create movies on the go, capturing every moment. You can record as many clips as you want and any number of clips can be stitched together. Moreover, you can trim and reorganize the clips conveniently from your phone and even add a soundtrack that you prefer either from your own music library or from Capture's audio library. Upload your video to YouTube and simultaneously post to all of your social networks.
  • YouTube Video Editor : This is another valuable YouTube tool that can be used to enhance your uploaded videos in your web browser. You can combine

Masterful Music Mixing – Tips For a Better Mix!

Music mixing is an intense and elaborate subject. There are many schools of thought regarding mixing and many tips and tricks out there to help you with your own home recordings. Here is a selection of tips that can make your mix better. When you need your mix to sound greater, better and more dynamic, try out a few of these suggestions.


A mix should sound organic and on the move. Try automating your strings parts, use volume, reverb or effects to make your long sustained notes breathe with the song. These sounds are the undercurrent of your song and should flow from one place to the other.

Don’t settle for presets

Many newbies just use the presets that come with their software program. They don’t think of the context of which they are using these presets, i.e. their song. Maybe that compressor doesn’t do anything to that particular instrument because the preset is just way too off in context with everything else. Work with your plugins and try to understand the parameters instead of slapping on presets.

Find the perfect reverb

I like a plate reverb with a 1.2 second decay time. Does that mean I use it on every song? No. I experiment with the reverbs I have and see if I can find something different than last time. Maybe a plate reverb doesn’t fit this particular song. Something that sounded really bad last time can sound really edgy and cool this time. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and take your time in selecting the correct reverb.


20 tracks with 20 different reverbs and delays is going to clutter up the song. Take care to not add effects just to add effects. It has to be useful, creative and in the best interest of the song. Once you have too many things going on it’s easy to clutter up your mix.

What’s the most interesting part?

What is the driving part of the song? Is it the amazing lead vocal? Or maybe it’s the driving acoustic guitar. Whatever it is, find that point of interest and build your mix around it. Once you find the driving part of the song you can start adding little effects and stuff to enhance it even more.

Automate your mix

One you’ve gotten a great sounding mix together, that little extra touch of greatness can sometimes be accomplished with automation. Dynamic vocals, interchanging effects and different reverbs and delays. By automating all these things and following the techniques above you are well on your way to crafting a great mix.

Next time you’re in a rut and you can’t find that little extra that you think your mix needs, try some of the tips and see if you get inspired to figure out a better way to mix your music.…