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Day: November 1, 2018

Levels of Software Testing

Software Testing is the process of running a program in order to find the errors and mistake of the program at the time of execution. The main intention of Software Testing is to evaluate an attribute and to check the potentiality of the program whether it gives the required output. Testing is not just giving data’s and obtaining the output, it is entirely different – it works at the time if the software fails to function or if it never gives the required output. Discovering the various nonstarter modes of software is quite not possible. Software Testing helps to find and check the quality, safety, security, perfection and completeness of the software developed.

There are different stages of Software Testing and let us go through the process one by one.

Black-box testing:

The Black-box testing is one of the method that is involved in testing. In this method the test data is derived from the defined functional requisites without affecting the structure of the program at the time of completion. It otherwise termed as Input/Output driven, Data-driven or Requirement based Testing.

The major functionality of Black-box testing is to check the functionality of the module. Black-box testing also denotes to functional testing, which is a method of testing accented on carrying out the functions and assessment of both the input and the output data. Here the tester will indulge the software under the black box test, where the specification of the input and output will seeable. The functionality is calculated by detecting the output to the equivalent inputs.

White-box Testing:

White-box testing is just opposite to Black-box testing. The software is considered as a glass-box or white-box under this category, because the structure of the software and its flow rate is clearly seeable to the tester in this type. White-box testing is otherwise termed as Logic-driven testing, Glass-box testing or Design-based testing.

There are various proficiencies accessible in white-box testing, as the trouble of intractableness is alleviated by particular knowledge and care on the formation of the software below this test. White box testing includes a couple of design techniques and they are:

o Control flow testing

o Data flow testing…

How to Get the Fast Internet for Business Owners

Many business owners of today use the internet for their business activities. Before a business owner can decide on which internet connection to use, they need to know which network provides the fastest internet connection. Most especially those who engage in fast internet business like bloggers need a fast internet connection so that they can manage their sites effectively.

We know that everybody uses the internet but it will not be unreasonable to have businesses with an inadequate internet connection. Most business owners do not understand the level of internet connection which they will need to run their businesses. The amount of bandwidth needed depends on the type of business they run with the internet and also the number of users. Some business is having setbacks due to many users for little bandwidth.

For a service provider to be work at a very fast speed, it should have good fiber optic network that has the capacity to operate at a very high level. Speeds of the internet are charged by megabits per second. This is quite different from the popular megabytes we know. A bit is one over eight (1/8) of a byte. This indicates that a file of I megabit will take 8 seconds to transform into a file of 1 megabyte. This measurement is a speed which is called bandwidth. One can imagine it as a multi-lane highway which moves fast and smooth but if much performance is needed, the only solution is to include more lanes. If more lanes are added we will notice that the route will be the fastest route. This can be also applied if we want to add more bandwidth to the internet connection.

We should also notice the speed of downloading and uploading which is also necessary. In some cases, the amount charged on uploading is usually higher than that of download from the internet in the same place, but in a technical aspect, there is no difference. The speed of the internet is mostly measured both 3uploadx .3884download. That is 3x.384. Meaning that the speed is measured at 3 megabits on downloads and.384 megabit which is 384 kilobytes per second uploads. Most times we have more speed of download than uploading, but some options cost higher.

The easiest way to find the solution is to put into consideration, the number of consistency users you normally get and their activities. If there are not many people who are just viewing online activities or just sending emails, you can get it lesser if you have users continuously online for downloads and uploads of large image files.

Some people who are using the old version of modem bandwidth at this level for business operations should know that they are lacking behind because about 48kbps is the fastest bandwidth which is an element of low-speed connection. Therefore these type of business owners needs corporate internet connection to double up so that their business will not break down at the end of the day. If a …

Watch Live TV On Your Computer – What You Need To Have

Some of the best shows and programs to watch on television are live events that take you right right into the middle of the action as it happens. Live TV makes you more than just a spectator but a witness to history as it unfolds. Sports, concerts, competitions, news and other events are best watch along with the rest of the world. Now you can get into the thick of the action through your computer.

Whether you are rooting for your favorite football team or enjoying your favorite band's latest concert tour, you can now watch live television on your computer, not just on your TV. To be able to watch live TV on your computer, here are some of the basic equipments you need.

1. Hardware: Your computer must have a RAM of at least 256MB, a hard disk with a capacity of 80GB, a 1.3GHz processor, sound card and a television tuner card. The tuner card is necessary for your computer to receive signals from TV channels. Tuner cards come in a wide range of features; some even allow you to record TV shows and lets you build up your own collection of TV programs on your computer's hard disk.

2. Software: Your computer should have compatible software installed such as multimedia players. The most basic software may include media players and codecs that will let you view TV content seamlessly. There is also software you can download from the internet that lets you directly watch live TV on your computer through your browser. There are dozens of websites that offer TV content you can watch anytime. Most of the leading TV stations typically offer video clips of their TV shows on their websites, with an option to subscribe for more TV content.

3. Dish Antenna: You will need a dish antenna, angled at the right degree depending on your geographical location. The dish antenna acts as a receiver of the TV signals that will be transmitted to your computer at the bet quality. The dish antenna acts as a reception device which receives the TV airwaves and then transmits them directly to the tuner card installed in your computer.

4. Cables: Of course, you will need cables to connect your digital TV antenna dish to your computer's USB port. It is recommended to use only the best quality cables to ensure the high quality viewing experience.

5. TV format compatibility: Your computer must be compatible with the different international TV formats such as PAL, NTSC and others. By ensuring compatibility, you can watch any TV show from anywhere in the world in your computer. Making your computer compatible with the latest TV formats ensures that you get the freshest TV content, even from foreign TV stations. …

Web Development

Ventura IT

People say that the World is moving fast! Is it not true that we are assuming global dimensions? One has to pace with the ever growing World by any means available. Who would have imagined 20 years ago that communication would go wireless, satellites would be playing a major role and the modest internet would grow over us in no time at all.

Owning to the human psyche and the little time we want to spend doing everything, many Companies have emerged professing that they have gotten the solutions for us, that we can communicate with the whole world in just a few minutes.

Ventura IT took its leap into the world of Information technology about 10 years ago. Based in California USA, this company caters to the needs that a growing institution requires. It provides humungous services that include web hosting, web development, internet applications, e-commerce, graphic designing and high-level language programming.

The simple process of making a project of any kind would be placing the order with complete specifications, considering the estimate given by the company, payment and in a few weeks time your dream project would assume reality with global dimensions. What makes it innovative is the fact that so many facilities are available under one roof, which is not the case in other companies. Since it is a privately owned hi-tech company, the quality of the project is tremendous. It also has a 24-hour contact line for answering any questions.

Ventura IT has served a number of well-renounced clients like Harvard, UCLA etc. and yearns to do more by gaining experience along with expertise. There are 1000's of satisfied clients which will continue to increase as time prevails. It absolutely plays the part of supporting the business needs of an entity.

The last question that remains unanswered is that why should you choose Ventura IT? It has teams of experts who could change your company in an unimaginable way, or could make a project, which no one else could. Moreover, the amount of services it provides apart from e-commerce like programming in java, html, C, C ++ etc. can not be ignored. Just think of the next best project you want, convey it to Ventura IT, and you would be on the road of success and recognition. Click here to know more about web development

web development …