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How to Get the Fast Internet for Business Owners

Many business owners of today use the internet for their business activities. Before a business owner can decide on which internet connection to use, they need to know which network provides the fastest internet connection. Most especially those who engage in fast internet business like bloggers need a fast internet connection so that they can manage their sites effectively.

We know that everybody uses the internet but it will not be unreasonable to have businesses with an inadequate internet connection. Most business owners do not understand the level of internet connection which they will need to run their businesses. The amount of bandwidth needed depends on the type of business they run with the internet and also the number of users. Some business is having setbacks due to many users for little bandwidth.

For a service provider to be work at a very fast speed, it should have good fiber optic network that has the capacity to operate at a very high level. Speeds of the internet are charged by megabits per second. This is quite different from the popular megabytes we know. A bit is one over eight (1/8) of a byte. This indicates that a file of I megabit will take 8 seconds to transform into a file of 1 megabyte. This measurement is a speed which is called bandwidth. One can imagine it as a multi-lane highway which moves fast and smooth but if much performance is needed, the only solution is to include more lanes. If more lanes are added we will notice that the route will be the fastest route. This can be also applied if we want to add more bandwidth to the internet connection.

We should also notice the speed of downloading and uploading which is also necessary. In some cases, the amount charged on uploading is usually higher than that of download from the internet in the same place, but in a technical aspect, there is no difference. The speed of the internet is mostly measured both 3uploadx .3884download. That is 3x.384. Meaning that the speed is measured at 3 megabits on downloads and.384 megabit which is 384 kilobytes per second uploads. Most times we have more speed of download than uploading, but some options cost higher.

The easiest way to find the solution is to put into consideration, the number of consistency users you normally get and their activities. If there are not many people who are just viewing online activities or just sending emails, you can get it lesser if you have users continuously online for downloads and uploads of large image files.

Some people who are using the old version of modem bandwidth at this level for business operations should know that they are lacking behind because about 48kbps is the fastest bandwidth which is an element of low-speed connection. Therefore these type of business owners needs corporate internet connection to double up so that their business will not break down at the end of the day. If a …

Where To Get PLC support?

We live in the world where the popularity of PLC endures due to the automated industry. A few decades back, PLC was an only viable option to control industrial automation applications.

Even though, today you can find various choices such as panel PCs, industrial PCs and soft PLCs that have the same functionality as PLC/HMI combination.

By checking online PLC support, you can find everything you need when it comes to PLCs. Even though new control options emerged due to technological advancement, there are still numerous reasons why industry uses PLCs.

Peace Of Mind

Both PCs and PLCs have come a long way from their beginnings. Today, there is a significant difference in how these control options evolved especially when it comes to industrial automation. The evolution of PLCs means that you can do and support products for long periods of time, for both software and hardware.

It means that when you take an application program in 20-year-old PLC, you will be able to transfer it straight to a brand new one. You can also install the latest controller and backup all applications that you’ve run on old PLC almost immediately.

To find more information on PLCs, click here.

You can find numerous industries where the level of support is not desirable but a base requirement. For example, in the water industry, there is a talk, that framework suppliers should assure support of control system for at least 20 years.

Of course, the control hardware will usually change over years, but you will have peace of mind knowing that you can back up the exact software you’re using now to a brand new controller.

Reliable and Robust

The latest industrial PC will provide you a stable platform that shares more significant power when compared with a desktop PC. However, when compared with PLC, it doesn’t have the same durable features.

Even though you have real-time operating systems that run on Windows similar to PCs for the general population, industry PC will provide the same level of performance and robustness that you will get from PLC.

If you use PC in complete isolation, then the reliability is the essential thing that will provide you the durable outcome. However, when it comes to the controller, you will have to connect peripherals, I/O network, and other components so that you can load it into the PC.

Visit this website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_PC to learn more on industrial PCs.

The question is whether drivers of all products are reliable as PLC? It is unlikely, which is why most clashes and problems happen and could interfere with production line when drivers get updated. Therefore, it is inevitable that industrial PC will crash and you know what that means for the entire control process.

Besides, you don’t have to reboot a PLC because the software is durable and unable to crash.


The best selling PLCs will provide you with a wide array of applications and more than 40 I/O ports. In these applications, PLC is …

FMEA And The CAD Design Process

FMEA Analysis? What is that?

FMEA stands for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Not that FMEA analysis has much to do with CNC, but you might come across it in your CAD studies. I will cover FMEA very briefly here. FMEA has really risen to power and prominence over the last few years because of software advancements and computing power increases. To sum up FMEA quickly, you are trying to find where and why some thing would fail or break before it actually does.

FMEA is a risk assessment technique for identifying possible failures in a system, part, assembly, process, etc. The Failure Mode part of FMEA are the ways, or modes, in which something might fail. Failures are any errors or defects that can be potential or actual. The Effects analysis of FMEA refers to studying the consequences of those failures.

CAD Software Price Points

I consider there to be a few different price points in the CAD Software Market. These can be categorized as hobby or professional price points. This is usually a good break as well in the features a program offers. Here is a quick run down.

Hobby CAD Software

Could possibly be free

$0-$500 price point

Could be 2D, 2.5D or 3D capable, usually 2D or 2.5D

Stand alone licenses

Meant for ease of user interface

Probably missing some advanced tools

Professional CAD Software

$500-$10,000 price point

2D, 2.5D and 3D capable

Network version that let multiple designers interact

Different modules or plug-ins like FMEA

Full featured, most every type of tool is available

Examples of Commercial CAD Software Programs


Turbo CAD








Before you buy you should really check out all the options. There are many types of software and each one is a bit different. You need to look over the advantages and disadvantages and then make the tough call.…

Hypnotic Orgasm Technique To Intensify Her Orgasm

You’re about to learn an almost hypnotic orgasm technique you can use to make your girl orgasm much quicker, much more intensely and even trigger the emotions that she feels from an orgasm… any time you want.

It’s an NLP (short for neuro linguistic programming) technique called anchoring.

Here’s how it works.

Whenever we feel very strong emotions from a particular event, our minds look for something specific and unique about that experience and links (or anchors) the two together.

Just like almost all of us have a certain song that when we hear it, we instantly think of a particular person or event from the past. This happens because our emotions were so strong during that event, that our mind found that something specific and unique (in this case the song) and the two got anchored together.

So what you’re going to learn right now is how to create an anchor and attach it to the heightened emotions that your girl feels during an orgasm.

It’s really simple.

Just as your woman is having an orgasm, simply say or do something very specific and unique.

If you’re having slow romantic sex, you might say: “Baby I love making you come.”

If you’re having a more rough kind of sex, you might tell her something like “Come all over me now.”

Now it’s very important that you use different anchors for different types of sex because the emotions she’s feeling while making love will be completely different from what she feels while you just “getting it on.”

You only have to do this a few times right during the height of her orgasm and your new anchor will be set in no time.

Now you can be out with some friends, walk up behind her and whisper into her ear: “Baby I love making you come” and she’ll instantly start to feel those romantic and sensual emotions for you.

Just be careful because she might start trying to convince you to leave right there on the spot and go get a room!

She will also start to associate these heightened emotional states with your voice so just regular conversation with her can not get much more fun.

Now you can also use this same hypnotic orgasm technique to amplify the effect of your foreplay.

Once your anchor is set, say it to her during foreplay and you’ll not only increase her arousal speed and make her reach climax much sooner, but the orgasms that you give her much more intense and pleasurable.…

How to Connect Two PCs Together and Play Multiplayer Games

In this article we will describe how to connect two PC together so as to play multiplayer games or share files. We will be actually creating a LAN network with two computers.

You can do this either using wireless network cards or using a wire. We’ll be describing the “wired” way. The “wired” way can be done either using two ethernet cables and a hub or by using a cross-over ethernet cable which is the cheapest and works brilliantly.

Here’s what to do:

First you must physically connect the two computers. Check that both PCs have LAN network cards. Then all you need is a cross-over cable (Cross crimped RJ45-CAT5). Connect the two computers using the cross-over cable and the ports of the LAN cards.

Now you have to apply some settings to the “connected” computers. We’ll be describing how to do this in Windows systems. We’ll be referring to the two computers as ComputerA and ComputerB. Let’s begin the configuration.


– Right click on “My Computer” then click “Properties”

– Click the “Computer Name” tab and click the “Change…” button

– Change the name to the one you like. For this example we will name it ComputerA. Here you can also change the workgroup name to whatever you want but it must be the same in both computers. For this example we will name the workgoup “OURLAN”.

– Click OK

– On to the TCP/IP settings… Open “Control Panel” and click on “Network Connections”

– Your LAN connection will appear. Right click on its icon and select “Properties”.

– In the “General” tab select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” then click on “Properties”

– Set the following values:

IP Address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway -

– Click OK and you are finished with ComputerA.


– Right click on “My Computer” then click “Properties”

– Click the “Computer Name” tab and click the “Change…” button

– Change the name to “ComputerB”. Also change the workgroup name to “OURLAN” (Remeber the workgroup name must be the same on both computers)

– Click OK

– On to the TCP/IP settings… Open “Control Panel” and click on “Network Connections”

– Your LAN connection will appear. Right click on its icon and select “Properties”.

– In the “General” tab select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” then click on “Properties”

– Set the following values:

IP Address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway -

– Click OK and you are finished with ComputerB.

Now the two computers should be connected. If you don’t see them detecting each other try to restart them. You can play your favorite multiplayer games using the connection method above. You can also transfer files and data.

If you want to access the other computer just go to “My Network Places” A good idea would be to map a network drive to a local hard drive for easier access.…

Runtime Error 438 Fix – How to Repair 438 Runtime Error When Using Office 2010

Runtime error 438 often shows when running Microsoft Excel and "Visual Basic" macros. The error is caused when the macros you're trying to use are either incorrect or erroneous, and basically prevent Excel from running as smoothly as possible any more. If you have this error appearing on your PC, you need to be sure you can fix it in the most effective way possible.

This error will often show in this format:

  • Run-time error '438':
  • Object does not support this property or method

The error itself is caused by the "macro" you're using either trying to use outdated functions (if you designed the macro in a previous version of Office, and now let it run in Office 2010), or if the macro just does not ' T work at all. This issue can be fixed by repairing the macro you're trying to use or repairing the installation of Microsoft Office on your computer.

The first step to fixing the 438 error is to uninstall the Microsoft Works add-in for Office. This often causes conflicts with the Office software. This can be done by clicking on Start> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs, and then locating the "Microsoft Works" add-in. Removing it should stop any further conflict within your system.

After removing this add-in, you then need to apply the Microsoft hotfix # 50356. This has been especially designed to fix the problems that are causing the 438 error, and basically allow you to quickly enable your computer to run as smoothly as possible again without having to uninstall any more software you may want to use.

You should also look to use what's known as a "Registry Cleaner" program to cure any potential errors inside the registry database of your PC. The registry database is a central storage system for all the files, settings and options that Windows uses to help it run. Although this database is extremely important for your computer, it's constantly causing a number of potential issues for your PC. The Runtime 438 error can occur if a registry database is corrupt, which is why it's highly recommended you clean this database of your system with a registry cleaner program.

Doing these steps will not only fix the potential problems inside your computer, but will also fix the errors that are causing your PC to show the 438 runtime error. You should perform each step in order to cure the 438 error for good. …

Handheld Carb Counter For Diabetes Management

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you must have been advised to watch your diet. That does not mean that you will have to see all your favorite food walk out of your life. Diabetes is a condition where the body is not able to produce or use insulin properly and this leads to further serious health risks. Carbohydrates like sugar, starches etc have to be converted into energy for daily activities and insulin is the hormone which does that. In fact, there are several dietary guidelines in diabetes like eat different kinds of nutritious food, eat less fat and protein as well as carb counting.

Carb counting is an important factor in managing diabetes and it is worth learning more about it. To understand carb counting and use it effectively, you will have to know what carbs are, how to count carbs as well as how many carbs are required by your body. Many individuals with diabetes take help of carb counting to balance insulin and food. If you eat more carbs the blood glucose level will go up, which will need more insulin to manage the sugar in the cells.

In the system of carb counting, for managing diabetes better, you will have to add up all the carbohydrates in the food you want to eat. A lot of time has to be given to keep track of carbs all through the day. For carb counting, you have to know the amount of carbs present in various kinds of food. You may be thinking how is it possible to remember the amount of carbs present in all the food you eat. But don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize how many carbs a sandwich has, there are several ways of counting carbs in your favorite foods.

Details are mostly given on the food labels, you also get electronic gadgets and diaries which help you keep track of the food you eat. One such help is the Diabetes Diary which offers nutritional information for over 500 food items. It is a convenient pocket sized diary which helps you find out carb, fiber, fat calorie, sodium information etc. for common foods. You can track your diet, exercise, blood glucose levels and medications as well as write down the details in the diabetes diary and its logbook pages.

Track3 is another gadget which aids you in carb counting as it gives the nutrition information on meals and servings. You have the option to monitor exercise, track oral medications and insulin, log in what you eat when as well as note glucose levels. This portable diabetes planner even offers accurate carb counting for the exact serving size of meal you plan to eat. Information can be recorded easily anywhere and anytime. It has carb details for over 6000 foods. This is the calorie counter and nutrition reference which you have been looking for to manage your diabetes. It helps you stick to your goals, track progress, and stay healthy.

Carb counting …

Discovering the Four Primary Components of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be defined as using every possible internet method to gain publicity and reach your consumers. How do you construct and execute a digital marketing plan? To do so efficiently, you must recognize the building blocks that it comprises. If you haphazardly advertise or only put one or two of these steps into action, you will not maximize revenue – or worse, you may fail to see results whatsoever.

The four primary components of Online Marketing are:

1. Online Presence

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Branding

4. Online Marketing Strategy

1. Establishing a Solid Online Presence is Fundamental

Without a general online presence, you cannot survive in the internet marketplace. Bear in mind, however, that starting a website does not alone constitute a true web presence. Of course you must have a site, but you should also have an outstanding landing page, and ideally a captivating blog. Each of these three items must be written, designed, coded and optimized perfectly, to increase their effectiveness.

The website itself needs to be well-organized and simple, yet attractive and properly coded. That includes standardized navigation features as its structural basis. If you are an online merchant, the e-commerce mechanisms must be implemented methodically in a non-obtrusive, user-friendly and secure manner.

Many web hosting companies offer e-commerce solutions as part of their hosting plans, so take advantage of this. Such firms also may offer web design services, if you prefer not to hire a designer for budgetary reasons. Always remember that layout and simplicity of use are more important than sheer design. A normal, up-to-date or slightly modern and easy-to-use website is better than a complex, futuristic one that is chaotic and confusing.

Your landing pages are where your strongest benefit-driven and call-to-action statements must exist. These pages must be written in such a way that they serve as a natural segue from your ads to different pages in your website. Landing pages must also be a liaison directing hot leads from advertising clicks to website pages.

Your blog offers an impression of what you’re about and the tone of your business; your attitude and outlook toward your visitors and potential customers is also reflected in how you present yourself here. If your blog seems forced or filled with “fluff” it will fail to support the relevance of your primary website. It must be content-rich (for example, featuring free advice on the topic of your main site). Like the landing page, it must be ultimately positioned and purposed to link traffic back to your website.

2. Implementing Search Engine Optimization Generates Traffic

SEO specialists analyze the website, landing page and blog to measure performance. This will be gauged in comparison with similar, competing sites.

Search engine optimization on the site itself entails targeting specific carefully-selected keywords. To generate optimal web traffic, these terms must be unique enough to perform well in organic search results, as well as common enough to be frequently searched.

For the site to be regarded as important and …

The Word on Risk

The terms used to describe the various aspects of risk management are bewildering, even to an experienced project manager. At least I find them bewildering. I'm going to examine some of the terms used to describe risks and the way they are managed and hopefully shed some light on what they refer to and what they mean. I hope to clear some common misconceptions up at the same time.

The first misconception I'd like to address is the meaning of the word "risk". We tend to view that word, especially in the project world, as having a negative connotation. Frequently it does implict a negative consensus, but not always. Actually a risk can have a positive income such as when we risk money on a lottery ticket and our ticket wins. Risks that have a positive output are called opportunities and risks that have a negative exit, such as when we refer to the risk of a car accident, are called threats. We take action to encourage our opportunities, such as buying lots of lottery tickets, and we discourage our threats, such as when we get inoculated against the threat of a flu virus. Both opportunities and threats are forms of risk, the key difference is our approach to managing them.

There is a great deal of confusion around the terms used for our difference approaches to managing risks. We commonly refer to our management of risk as "mitigation". The dictionary definition of this verb is "to make less severe: to mitigate a punishment", or "to lessen in force or intensity, as wrath, grief, harshness, or pain; moderate". While it is true that we mitigate some of the risks to our projects, mitigation is just one strategy used to address potential risk. Sometimes we choose to avoid a risk altar, such as when we respond to the risk of encountering traffic jam on an expressway by choosing an alternate route (we may still risk encountering traffic jam, just not the traffic jam on that expressway).

Transference is another term used to describe our response to risk. The classic example is when we buy insurance on our car to deal with the risk of an accident. We are not necessarily reducing the chance of an accident, or even reducing the impact of the accident, we are simply reducing the impact on us should the risk event (the accident) happened by sharing the financial burden with the insurance company. There are other types of transference. Outsourcing work to an organization with more skill and experience in performing the work than we have is another example. In that case, our intent is to reduce the likelihood of the event happening by having someone more skilled and experienced do the work. We may also be reducing the impact on ourselves, depending on the type of contract we choose.

Mitigation is the strategy we use when we can not avoid the risk altogether and we can not transfer the risk, or do not want to. …

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have Roster And Scheduling Software

In any type of organization, there are different regulations as well as systems that are set by the administration. This is to maintain an organized operation and to manage the staff better. Without these regulations, an organization wouldn’t achieve its goals and improve its workforce.

Roster and scheduling software is one efficient tool that some organizations use today. And if you don’t have it yet, here are some reasons why you should:

1. It can help you save time and money by hiring the right amount of staff. Some businesses that operate for 24 hours a day think that they should hire a lot of people to entertain all the customers. Rostering will help in estimating how many people are needed in a business – this is done by evaluating all the positions and job responsibilities. When you have the right amount of staff, you can ensure that your business will run smoothly and your customers will never have complains.

2. It can help you allocate shifts and responsibilities. This can help you avoid your staff from changing their minds and complaining about their shares of work. You can do this by carefully listing all your staff names and assigning different roles that are required for a certain shift. Do this while carefully choosing the staff who is most suitable to do the job.

3. It uses an up-to-date rostering tool. The software uses a modern tool which helps you manage your time well when sorting out issues in your workplace. It provides costing models that are very accessible – with a click of a button. With this feature, you could easily send a memorandum or a personal message to your staff through text messages or email. This is very convenient when handling requests of your staff.

4. It enables your staff to plan ahead. Everyone is busy nowadays; even your employees have personal plans and events that they need to attend to. With rostering, you will be able to provide your staff their schedule ahead of time. This way, you can avoid incidents of last minute changes as well as unexpected absences.

5. It enables you to create a schedule no matter where you are. Through its cloud-based system, you can reach all your staff members from their personal computers, smart phones or other devices. This is a good way to create a stable communication between you and your staff.…